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Bout to smoke but...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by -mokey593, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Bout to smoke in the basement out of my bowl. I still live with the rents and I'm using a sploof to hide the smell. There's a lot of those downy dryer sheets in there and I plan on lighting incense. No windows. Think I'm good? Don't be dicks about the rents thing... Thanks.
  2. incense should do the job.....try blowing all your smoke in a certain area (near incense) you should be golden
  3. Dude, unless you have like a carbon filter sploof the smell will stay. At least in my experience. I put a box of dryer sheets into a sploof and my mom could smell it like nothing.
  4. You mean she COULD smell it?
  5. The problem is, your house is still gonna fill up with smoke if you have no windows down there
  6. no windows is a bad idea in my expreience
  7. Your fine, use to do it all the time, never got caught.
  8. Just make your sploof well,
    and spray a small amount of something like febreeze (air freshener, even some lemon spray, I have had to use carpet cleaner in desperate times also..)
    You'll be all good....
  9. in my experience it depends on how well your parents know weed. lots of people wouldnt recognize it unless there was smoke in their face. my dad can smell that shit from across the house even when i use a sploof.
  10. I can spray my room to hell with lysol, use a sploof and she still finds out. She doesn't care so much anymore but for your sake use a window.
  11. some old women seem to have a nose for weed.
    my grandma smelled it last year from 2 floors. i was in basement and she smelled it from top floor. said she had an asthma attack or something from the smoke

    *cough* bullshit *cough*
  12. Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Do you have a plausible story if they bring it up the next day or confront you directly?

    After answering those questions, if you still think its worth it, then i would do some research on best ways to hide smells, there are better ways than spoof or sploofs.

    nah jk, yeah im in the basement and i do fine with just a sploof.. i dont light insesnse though
  14. Horrible idea if your trying not to get caught, Step outside and smoke it real quick
  15. hmmmm sounds really it where you can blow it out the window
  16. use a fan, every smoker think it smells more then it does.

    just be chill, low key and quiet. blow into a fan/sploof since the smell will rise
  17. agreed.
  18. i usually just step outside and smoke a quick bowl

    i think your idea might work, but no windows complicates things a bit
  19. step outside.
    if you cant. use a sploof, with activated carbon if you can, and blow it into a pillow or something that;; retain the smell a bit. and if you can sneak into your basement so your rents dont even know you were in there.

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