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Bout to go to work, how to smoke beFore

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SpliFFsandRiFFs, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. so I've been blazing For about a year and a halF. I've smoked only once beFore school and really enjpyed it. I have no school this week, so I've been high just about all the time. I've got work today. I'm working at a supermarket pushing carts outside. What do you think. I'm gonna smoke a Few grav's beFore however, do you guys like being high will make my time walking around in the rain worse or better? haha idk, let me know, 2:41 now, gotta leave by 3:30\\

    * P.s. never been high beFore workl
  2. ive never been blazed at work but i have at school which was fun lol but in my experiences being blazed makes any situation better so i say toke up!
  3. Haha its raining where I am too. I never went to work high but i burn before school alot. I like it, just not blazed, I like being moderatly high in situations like that. But if your out doing your own thing w/ carts w/o a supervisor or anything you can probably get blazed w/o pepople knowing
  4. If I were you I would, just don't get so high that you have trouble controlling yourself. Def put some eye drops in, but it should make your time more fun.
    Good luck.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  5. shit pushing carts yes get stoned, ou prolly see funny shit in parking lots give you a lil more humor to your day, i was a host at a restaurant and i would come to work not blazed but still feelng good high, and it made dealing with drunk assholes and impatient tourists better.
  6. I dunno if I'm just missing out on something but what is with the capital F's ?
  7. yeah man. do it, but like every1 said, dont get FUCKED up. when im bout to do somthin i dont wanna be way high for, i take a few hits of my onehitter. nice mello high. mabey takin grav hits might b too much.

    go anywhere u can smoke @ work? like the side of a buildin or somthing? im sure u dont, but if u do, just take a few puffs off a joint every few hours.
  8. go for it if i were you i wouldn't get super high cause when i'm stoned i hate walking around (don't know if you or anyone else does) don't over do it if you do. i love it when im stoned in the rain feels so nice :D
  9. do it dude, you're pushing carts around in the damn rain. nobody is gonna say anything to you as long as you compose yourself.
  10. Lol, just noticed that, good question. I want to know know too.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:

  11. i was thinking the exact same thing hahahah:D
  12. Whenever I smoked before work, I would try not to get too blitzed. You'd want a sativa smoke, not heavy stoney indica. There's nothing like working while craving a weed nap, it sucks, beyond imagination. GBs can really fuck you up too, unless your a pro at taking them, I'd recomend a bong rip or a spoon or two. Also, if you get really ballsy, mix some in with a ciggarrete too smoke at work. Grind it up very very nicely though, that way, it will smell less, and you could fit at least a half gram in one stoag. That's if you smoke ciggarretes of course. But the most important thing to remember is to not look high. It can be hard to cover up, but if you work at a grocery store, all your stoner must haves should be stocked :hello: Including munchies.

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