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Bout to go smoke a oz!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokens, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. :smoke: Bout to go smoke a zip in one session wish me luck.

    Edit: Share your stories if you ever did/tried doing this.
  2. It's a waste :)
  3. Have fun wasting weed :wave:
  4. how long will said sesh be?
  5. with how many people? doing it by yourself i hope you dont have any plans for a while...
  6. You can only get so high man. As others have said you are just wasting your weed.
  7. Have fun with the whitey...
  8. It will be a waste but it will still be fun. I hope you have enough cash to pick up another oz tomorrow though otherwise you will regret it. enjoy!
  9. Why does it sound like such a brilliant idea to smoke an entire ounce, an ounce would last me a week.
  10. Sounds badass just don't go to sleep the most I ever smoked was 1/2 oz of some mids all in blunts with a bowl full of Orange kush in my bong so I took that bong hit straight to the head and then I smoked 5 blunts back to back for about an hour and next thing I know I am waterfalling my sprite and I can't feel my face ,Mouth, and body and standing up I felt gravity pushing down on me like goku in the training chamber and man did I pass out that shit was fun though
  11. man an ounce would comfortably last me 3 weeks, maybe a month. what a waste
  12. A gram lasts me 4 days... an ounce would last me so long! What a waste.
  13. Go for it man. Unless you're a really seasoned smoker you'll probably green out at about the half ounce mark if it's just like you and one or two other people. Depending on what you're smoking out of your lungs will get shot, quick.
  14. Waste of weed, but good time to work on tricks and rolling.

  15. thats exactly how long it lasts me lol. lemme guess, living at home, rents dont know you smoke so you only smoke at night and you're broke so you gotta make your shit last? im picking up an O in a little bit and i figure it should last me almost 2 months and thats doubling my consumption.
  16. Fucking waste. I'd make that oz last me 4-6 weeks if it was real fire.
  17. Nah I usually smoke a few times per day. With hotknives, it's just so easy to preserve... I just don't see the point in getting that "messed up" high every single time. :smoke:
  18. I could easily smoke an Oz. of mids in one sesh, but an Oz of Dank would last me a good bit

  19. for me i got baked my first time so i really only know baked and sober lol.

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