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Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Gonna bring my girlfriend, hopefully she'll get her head outta her ass over the days were there.

    Shes been bitchin up a storm cause some other girl called me, she thinks Im fuckin around on her, straight up disrespected me to my face and told me that. She was a smurfs pube hair to gettin booted to the curb. Shit hurts that she dont trust me, and would accuse me like that.

    Then yesterday, I went to pick her up from work in her car, was smokin a cigarette. As soon as she got in the car she started bullshittin bout me smokin in her car!
    Im like "You smoke in here too!" "So, what Im trying to stop smoking inside and in the car, and its my car anyways!"

    She wont even let me smoke in MY own house dog, Ive had it up to here (hand is above my fuckin head) I got a short fuse and its burnin into the explosive, if she fucks around tonight Ima leave her ass on the river.
  2. Wow you doo souns PIASSED, and this is on a computer.

    Yeah she does sound a bit *ahem* Cranky, but I gotta tell you from a girls perspective we will get pissy if another girl calls you ( and we dont already know that chick).

    But she does need to take a chill pill. If I may make a suggestion, when you see her today, just tell her something along the lines of " Honey/Sweetie/ Insert pet name here I would really like us to spend some quality time together and just have a nice time, ok? mabye offer to give her a mini back rub when you get up there, we chicks looove massages, and if shes pissy enough to turn that down, well then you oughta really think about weather or not you want to stay with her, but dont just leave her at the lake, shit can happen.

    Good luck.
  3. Yeah Im really gonna try to relay my game tonight, shits gotta change. Ive been with her for 5 years, been best friends with her for 10 years before that. Its just eatin me up, but I cant take the shit off her, I gotta put it right back in her face, its just me. Ima try to do it right, but god knows it aint gonna be easy.
  4. Girls already startin that bullshit, and she has a friend with her too o_O
  5. then its easy...
    booze then ...
    "i believe they call it a menagez trois"?
  6. You going to smack her like you said you were going to?!?
  7. Aight yall just like I suspected she was on that bullshit. The whole damn day from the time we got there she was acting like a bitch, totally trying to ignore me, hell, all I did was offer her a beer once, and she smacked it out of my hand. On top of that, this cat that is an aquaintance was with the crew out there, started tryin to lay the mack down on her. Bitch was going for it too. So finally shit came to a head and I tried to pull her off to the side to talk, but she wasnt having it. She wouldnt say a word to me the whole time, over some stupid bullshit. So Im done with it.

    I got in my truck and locked the doors, and went to leave. Put the window down and threw her purse out on the ground for her to get, and left. If she shows up here at my house, then the shit is really going to hit the fan. If I see her again in my life itll be too soon.

    Me and the aquaintance got into a little squabble, Im pretty sure I broke a few fingers on my right hand. Gotta love those cocky UFC fighters when theyre drunk.

    I also tried salvia for the first time, 15x. It was fuckin nuts, I didnt trip so to say, but as soon as I exhaled I just started laughing. At nothing in particular, just laughing. Ive never laughed that hard in my whole life! I think Ima have to experiment with that shit some more.

    Also, I tried my hardest not to say bitch throughout this post.
  8. I'm sorry, but this girl sounds liek she fits the bill for a full-on, massive scale, BITCHATHON.
  9. Ehhh... She just came with her brother, dude had a baseball bat. Now I cant work, and Im pretty sure the cops are on the way for me.
  10. As soon as i pick my 1/4 up today ill roll up a joint for ya man... but of course imma have to smoke it like right away cuz iv been waiting all damn day.

    GL... that shits fucked up, i hate drama.
  11. I got all my shit cleaned up, I dont know if I should leave incase the cops are coming. But I need to go to the hospital. Im missing teeth and typing with my left hand. I got nothing to do but sit. Im pretty sure he broke my right arm, the bone above the elbow connected to the shoulder. I cant feel/move my fuckin fingers or my shoulder.
  12. damn he did u wid the b-bat ? if so fk him go ova his place wid a few homeies and fk his place and him up leave nothing in 1 peace tht will teach the fker :devious: gl man if i hadnt been dry for a good 3 weeks id smoke a J for ya :mad:
  13. The cops are here now... Yeah, he hit me with the bat, but Im going to jail too. Dude can fight, but I won. Anyways, I guess Ima go sit in jail for a while, peace.
  14. thats some fucked up shit boosh good luck man i'll bring some boys down from NY to lay the smackdown.
  15. haha Imma smoke 2 for ya boosh. stay high.
  16. Man, if shes acting like that now I would leave her ass home and go by yourself.

    Probably be more fun than getting hasseled about stupid shit....

    How is camping in Florida (if thats where you are going)? Must be a bitch with the mosquitos.....

    Is it a campground or are you in a state management area?

    Tent , cabin, or camper?

    And you mentioned a river- any chance of alligators? If so man, be carefull.

    Is that the only animal you really have to be concerned with as far as camping down there?


    Damn, nevermind- I read the last few posts on the page before man.

    Good luck with everything, hope your ok- hope everything works out for you.
  17. kill her, her brother, take a trip down to the everglades and throw the bodies to the crocs
  18. damn dude, why u goin to jail, after some dude rolls up on you with a baseball bat??

    even if you kill that mother fucker he came to ur house, to fuck u up, you got the right to merk him out......
  19. Well I went to jail for assult and battery, because after I threw his skinny ass through my front door (from the inside of the house) I jumped out on top of him and kept beating his face.

    The homies just got me outta jail, set me back 5grand. When the hospital is done with him hes going to jail for breaking and entering, and assult with a deadly weapon. And I AM pressing charges.

    CHeebaa - I live in Florida, where we go is about 20-30 miles away, on the osceola river, in the middle of nowhere on state land. Its a semi popular camping ground with the rednecks out here, but its not an actual camping ground. Of course we camped in tents dude :D My homie brought his boat with him, and we rode it up and down the river, and saw TONS of alligators. Only one actual big one -- about 8 feet. The rest we saw didnt get above 5 feet. They dont come around where everyone swims though, theyre smart enough to stay away from humans. Besides the misquitoes(sp), and snakes, alligators are all you gotta really worry about, but I didnt see one snake out there the whole time.

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