Bout to be a good day...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Im bout to come on up.

    First, After i right this gno jump in the shower and get all ready. So fresh so clean, So pimp *****.

    Then gonna have my boy n his girl come scoop me up, And take me to the burbs to meet up with a ol homie of mine, I aient seen this fool in a few months.

    He jus got the hookup on some pills, One of my favorite pills. Not soma's, Boy i wish they was, But very similar. Ill show ya what later.

    So ima go there, Get some greenery, He got some 40's. We gon pop some pills, Drink and smoke n kick it.

    Then i gotta go get rid of all those tvs/vcrs/cd players n shit. Then ima have a buncha pills on that paper trail.

    Gon be good shit.

    Pics tonight.
  2. Sounds sweet, Im done with pills after a close call one night, but still love the feeling of them.

    Kinda sucks though cause I get offered pills almost everyday now but must say no... have fun though, dont forget the pics!
  3. fuck yeah pills *****...thats wheres its at
  4. Good days.... good days..
  5. sounds bomb....can't wait for some pics KSR :smoke:

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