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Bouncer Tales.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dope Antelope, Jan 2, 2013.

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    Happy New Year peoples.

    Thought I would make a thread telling of my weekly tales as a door supervisor/bouncer. Would you people be interested in my happenings each week with the drunk and disorderly? I've got a few good stories. I've worked in bars and clubs. At the moment I am working in a bar and should be getting back into the clubs ASAP.

    Let me know if any of you are interested at all and if so I'll post my new years eve dramas!

    Also, post any experiences you've had with door supervisors. I know you can get some serious dickheads
  2. camp fires lit, start tellin stories
  3. Yeah what the fuck make a thread to ask if you can tell a story!
  4. Yeah, post em.

    I was originally thought this was going to be a thread for us to post experiences we've had with bouncers, it would be good to get it from the other side of the fence.
  5. Ya dont need no fuckin permission bro, post that shit up!
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    Cool idea, yeah post any experiences up brother, ill edit the OP tellin people to put theirs in.

    Ill post mine later when i finish work. Too much for the phone lol

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  7. I wasnt asking permission lol i was just wondering if people would actually be interestes in hearing them. Cuz ill carry it on as a weekly thing if so.

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  8. My buddy got thrown outside by the bouncer into a huge fuckin' pole, cracked his skull open n shit. He sued but i had never heard if he had won or not, i assume not..

    Other than that all i have to say is that people say to fear the really big bouncers and i say fuck that shit watch out for the skinny small guys.
  9. Being a bouncer isnt like it used to be anymore. It used to be all about muscle and fighting and shit.. but because everyone is suing these days and shit youve gotta be ALOT more careful. Its mostly about defusing situations rathee than being aggressive. Alot more brains involved these days. Which is more my strong point than physicality. I'd much rather just talk someone down than have a fight with them, which is what its becoming more and more about.

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