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Bought weird weed today (Pic included)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 1007862, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. I bought some weird weed from my dealer and half of it is all crumbled and the other half is totally like dust
    Here is a pic: [​IMG]

    What do you say? Is this shit safe to smoke? What are your thoughts?
  2. Looks like shake n stem wouldn't bother smoking I would find a better dealer

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  3. He is a good dealer usually. He is the only one that sells Amnesia Haze and he usually sells me dank buds that are not crumbled apart. It's just lately he's been shady and selling me shit like this
  4. Find a new dealer ASAP. That's a bag of shake, and if you paid normal price for he same weight he is the scum of the earth
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  5. What does shake mean? I dont live in the U.S so I dont know the different terms
  6. basically it's the stuff thats left in the bag of weed that falls off the bud
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  7. Yeah I paid normal price for it...
    If only there was other dealers that selled Amnesia Haze
  8. If he's selling you that shit I'd rather have unknown strain dank then shake
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  9. Unfortunately what's done is done. Next time I will tell him I dont accept this shit.
    Can I still get a good high from it though?
  10. It looks like decent shake (cant believe I said that) but you should be able to get high from it. All shake is, is the stuff that falls off the bud and is left in the bag, so if it came from dank, it'll be dank shake
  11. I pay like 20 bucks for a quarter oz of shake. I only use it to make hash
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  12. Lol dude 1 gram of weed is like 10 dollars in the country I live, and I go broke from buying it so much. If I lived in America I would probably starve to death
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  13. Probably not amnesia either. There are so many people/dealers in the UK with limited weed knowledge who equate strong weed to being: Cheese/Amnesia/Haze (a non specific haze). There are hundreds of thousands of strains out there, it's so embarrassing that most people in the UK have such limited knowledge.
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  14. I am not from the UK, and I dont know about this weed that I got today but every other time I bought from him it was Amnesia Haze. The smell, the taste and the effects were very much like Amnesia Haze
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  15. I would jus make it into hash or dabs dosnt look worth trying to smoke ive seen dirt weed that looked better then that

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  16. It looks decent, sucks that it's shake though. This shit happens to us all, like you said what's done is done, only thing left to do is burn one and remember it could always be worse, there's people out there that have to pay a lot more for a lot less, or can't find any at all.
  17. I cant believe some of y'all almost convinced me not to smoke it. This was one of the best longlasting high ever. And just after a less than 48 hour tolerance break. This is what I love about Amnesia Haze, you dont need to take a long tolerance break to get the same effects of it again, just a couple of days.
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  18. Another person that thinks a strain name means everything lol

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  19. Really? Educate me then instead of pissing me off smartass
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  20. Sometimes shake is super potent because it's basically just a bunch of trichs that fall off....most times it's not. Crapshoot, Glad it worked out for you OP.

    Just sounds nooby when you go out of your way to say what strain it is. Strain name means little, how it's grown/cured/flushed does. Strain is only a factor AFTER that's all done correctly. Just so you know why he reacted that way.

    A LOT of people start off that way and focus on the names not the bud itself. Just because it has the name and genes doesn't mean it's going to be good bud...more likely yes, but not in any way guaranteed. Not to mention, if you aren't in a legal area and don't know the grower, you don't really know that's what it is UNLESS you are incredibly well versed.

    Anyway, cheers.
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