Bought my first spoon :D [HQ PICS]

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by 420blazed, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Me and a few friends went in to camden town and I've wanted to get a spoon for ages and I managed to haggle it down from £20 for £10 :D
    here are some pics:
    for lolz:
    can't wait to smoke out of it:smoke:
  2. looks pretty sweet congrats! i like the pattern
  3. Thanks man! I looked all over the shops to try and find a cool pattern but this caught my eye so I had to get it
  4. looks great, name?
  5. That's a sick spoon man
  6. name of the piece? it has no name sadly but you can probs find something similar in most headshops :D
  7. bump just smoked out of this thing omg its amazing
  8. Red white and blue eh?
    funny lol
  9. Yea good old red, white, and blue, usa, usa....ha.

  10. Reppin all the red, white n blue nations woot woot lol.

    Cool first piece though. see how long it lasts =P longest for me is about a year

    Glad the carb is on left side too
  11. It Looks Good. And Its A Good Price.
  12. Sick first man!! RAW papers are whats up too!! Those are some of my fave papes.

    treat her well man, and never forget to keep her clean. dont neglect your glass ;) haha

  13. Ironic that its red white and blue and your in england. :D
    Nice piece though, I have those same papers too.
    And dam, £10? Thats pretty good.
  14. lol yeah i thought some people would mention that :D but what else is red, white and blue?
  15. Nice one man, looks good. I'm thinking of getting one as well - seen a couple locally I like for around £20 will have to try and get em down a bit i reckon but not seen any like urs.

    Happy toking with it :smoke:
  16. If I would have bought it, since I live in the US I would of called it the Patriot
  17. actually first thing that came into my mind was pepsi haha never even though of usa or uk
  18. you've inspired me to call it pepsi now :D
  19. Sick man, what's it smoke like?
  20. name it Captain America

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