Bottled Nutrients and yeild increasers the cause of powdery Bud?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by freenerd, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. I have been advised the reason sometimes you get marijuana with excessive powdery residue, that kinda looks like thicker kief, is due to all the additives and ferts some people put in their nutes.

    Like silicon potassium, and I have heard of another additive that increases yield and taste. Brix+. It seems to make sense to me. Certain marijuana always leaves behind this pile of powdery residue, and it's never great, imo.
  2. The only powdery residue I've ever seen on weed is mold or powdery mildew which in either case isn't good as you probably know...unless said grower maybe sprayed the plant with some sort of fertilizer or insecticide..not sure feedings would outright cause something like that. Only other possibility could also be pollen in the air collecting on the sticky surface...but that's just my two cents.
  3. I use tons of additives and have no idea what your talking about, my bud tastes 10x better than the organic shit around here.
  4. You know when you grind up your bud, some of it leaves behind like an excess of kief. It's kinda powdery. It hasn't been sprayed by anyone with anything, but you get quite a lot of bud like this.

    Most people don't seem to mind it one bit. A lot of times the bud is still pretty great, good enough taste and high. But I don't think the best bud has this stuff. It makes it not smooth or as tasty as the stuff without it, imo. And sometimes it just kinda gives me headache.

    I have included pictures. What is this? Look at how thick it gets. It's not kief. Some bud has it, some doesn't.

    IMG_3798.JPG IMG_3797.JPG

    Look at how the stuff cakes up. This is what most of the stuff sold in the UK is like. I have bought stuff in Amsterdam like this. And keep in mind, this bud that I am showing you? This is the some of the highest rated stuff on the DMs, this stuff in particular only has RAVE reviews. So this is common.

    What the fuck is it? No one but me seems to care. The best and smoothest cannabis does not have this shit. Sometimes, it doesn't really ruin it, but it still does not smoke as nicely or smoothly. I know lifetime stoners that don't seem to care. Some of the bud with this shit gives me a headache.
  5. Sorry friend. But there should be NO powdery residue from your bud. That is mold and mold only. No nutrients I've ever used have left a powder residue on my stuff. The only thing the nutrients leave on the plant is microscopic and generally isn't seen well with the naked eye. If there is powder, there needs to be a massive increase of air movement in your grow area and lessening of humidity/moisture as well. Good air movement and proper humidity equal no mold. The only thing I've ever seen nutes do is increase the trichomes incredibly when I was using too much Sugar Daddy. I don't use bottled nutes anymore though. I switched to a powder form of nutes about a year ago and absolutely LOVE IT!! So much easier to deal with than 10 bottles of chemicals every time I need to feed. We grow a lot of plants at a time and I was spending hours at the sink mixing up feed for all of them. TWW
  6. Man, I agree with you, there should NONE of this stuff.

    Getting any dealer to even acknowledge it is IMPOSSIBLE. Just fucking impossible. Only one of my dealers did, and he gave me an extra sack for my complaints the next time around. But that was like the only time in 6 months he had anything that would suit my picky tastes.

    Here's another thing to consider, that powdery stuff? That's most of the bud in the UK. You get good stuff too, but that seems to be most of it. Everyone says something else, when it comes to what it is. Some people say its kief. Some say sand. Some say mold.

    Let me ask you this, what does increasing the trichomes incredibly with Sugar Daddy do, other than make it more potent?

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