both bongs for 140$ ?

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  1. So my posts got all screwed up (phone) anyway I need to get rid of my bongs and am selling 2 bongs one is a stemless 3 foot unknown triple dome worked perc/inline straight tube with ice pinches and the other is just a shitty China glass straight tube with a 5 ARM downstem and icepinches my question to you fine ppl is should I accept an offer I got for 140$ for both or should I hold for more ? Imho I think the 3 footer is worth a lot more but i know economy bad and ppl don't wanna spend there bread. Any thoughts ? I was also thinkin about cleaning them crystal and putting them up on Craigslist as a bundle




  2. And here's the other bong no pics atm (on phone at work )


  3. Try to just get 150, I think it's a good price, unless your in no hurry then maybe put them on Craigslist just for the hell of it and try and get more.
  4. Can't sell glass on here man sorry. Nice pieces though, and the price seems fair
  5. [quote name='"Abaker"']Can't sell glass on here man sorry. Nice pieces though, and the price seems fair[/quote]

    When did I ever say anything about selling on here ? I said I was offered 140$ and made a thread to ask if it was a fair price....

  6. Reading comprehension is lacking.

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