Botanicare Pure Blend in Coco, feeding schedule?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by CaptainKnots, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Did some research and found this on another site. What do you guys think? I also saw that many people replace sweet or similar with simple molassas (2.5ml/g) throughout the whole grow.

    Per 1gal R/O water
    VEG 5-10ml of PBP Grow depending on plant size
    7ml Liquid Karma
    5ml CalMag+
    5ml Hygrozyme

    10-15ml PBP Bloom, I like to use the "For soil" version as it has less Nitrogen
    10ml Liquid Karma
    5ml CalMag+
    5ml Hygrozyme
    Bloom booster or PK13/14 during weeks 4-6
    I stop with the calmag+ & Hygrozyme 4 weeks b4 finish.
    Then a 10 day flush with SWEET & final 4 days of straight R/O

    Should I be going up to 15 ml/ gal with my PBP Grow feeding? I'ev been giving Grow every other feeding or so (water about 2 x per week) and calmag at about 10 ml/gal every feeding.

    I see many people feed the same thing every time, others say every other, others say every 3...

    Also, I wanted to know the possibilities in putting the plants in a flood tray and feeding them with water on a schedule, so that I can set and leave it when I go away for a few days. I guess Coco is good for this but dont know about the nutrient requirements and the frequency. Coco should always be moist so....

    Input appreciated!

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