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Discussion in 'General' started by ganjaphish, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. hey guys, i'm borrowing a digital camera & might even buy it from our friend... thought i'd throw some pics up of some our pieces... because i'm proud of my babies :D
    i am not sure if the pics are too big or not so hopefully this will work. More to come if it does work!

    [edit: see my teddy bear? i luv the guy]

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  2. hah! it worked :D here's a few more, I can;'t figure out how to attach more than 1 image per post so here we go.. That one up above is our newest piece, a supa bubbla as I call it. Next here's my favorite, it came from Oregon & is a sea turtle shape:

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  3. Here's a piece with some nice dichroic:

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  4. i like the third one the best but they're all sweet pieces what'd you pay for each?
  5. What great peices. I like the first one best...
  6. They all look nice, where did you get them from ? and are they the colour changing ones ?

  7. Those look like cool ass pieces. I always need more but my wallet says no. And it sucks when you go into a shop and see a perfect addition but you dont get it. I have seen ones like the turtle but all are beautys. =)

  8. here's a nug from our stash to go along with the pieces. It's organic Great White Shark x Snow White. It packs a really nice high.

    "I'm a medical marijuana patient in California. Under California Proposition 215 this is legal"

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  9. Beautiful Bud pic phishhead!! And a good choice for a background too!! LOL :smoking:
  10. took me a min to figure out how you'd smoke outtta the second one.......nice bud phishhead
  11. ganjaphish those are sum beautiful pieces! did you get them in berkley? if so where?
  12. well lets see the bubbler & dichroic pieces i got in berkeley @ big al's. the bubbler ran me about $90 and the dichroic piece ran me i think $70? the turtle i got from ~ they're based out of oregon. i forget what i paid, but i think it was $45, or something which i think is a great deal for all the detailed marbled work there is.
    i love pieces, they empty my pocket all the time man! it just happens, like that bubbler (the first piece) we got a couple weeks ago because we went into the headshop for the hell of it because we hadn't been there in months. we ended up buying the bubbler because it was cool and also a blown-glass jar for our stash.
    talk about impulse buying! argh. i feel like such a girl.

    and that nug is disappearing so i'm glad phishhead took a pic of it while he had a chance lol digital cameras are fun!

    i'm thinking of making my cat a diary page, lame huh ;)

    "the damn humans are smoking that smelly stick again"

  13. Can I ask a really stupid question? How do bubblers work? Where do you pour the water in? Do you pour in through the bowl and then add the bud? Or is there a seperate hole somewhere I'm missing? Is there a noticeable difference having the water filtration? I know it's supposed to be better, but is it worth the fuss?
  14. pour the water in the carb or mouth piece to fill it up... pack a bowl and toke its that simple because the bowl is connected to a tube that goes under the water and when u suck it comes up to the top of that big round thing goes through the mouthpiece and to your lungs all nice and cool..... and ganjaphish i really like that bubbler remindes me of my friend which is like that but yellow and no squid?(i think its a squid?) but ya i really like it man i gotta get my driving friends to take me to big al's sum time... (not sixteen yet 4 months to go!!)
  15. Thanks for the quick answer. :D

    Now I'm looking at that site that was mentioned above and the tubes page is confusing me:

    Where do you put the herb and where do you put your mouth? lol. And another question about chillums, one hitters. How do you keep everything from falling out before you light it?
  16. Oh, and what's up with these 'pre-bubblers'? Where do they go? What do you use them with?

    And Kief boxes? What are they for? Why does a part slide out on the bottom?

    Sorry for all the stupid questions.....I'm new at this, god help me. Back in high school we just rolled joints. Heh. Now I'm seeing all these cool little smoking accessories and I want to know all about them. :D
  17. well the tubes are basically bongs and your mouth goes on the big hole in the top and the herb goes in the little thing sticking out of the bottom.... chillums and one hitters dont lose weed if u pack it enough too loose and they will lose weed... and keif boxes im pretty sure are just stash boxes with a place to smoke out of them?... i have no idea whut a pre bubbler is maybe one of the "ancients" does.....
  18. A bubler is basicly a minature bong. The water cools & filters the smoke. I am not sure but I think kief boxes are used to store THC Crystals. Hope I helped.
  19. hope you dont get robbed

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