Born gay or choose to be gay?

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    I believe gay people are born gay because nobody would want to be gay, at least I wouldn't think so. Nobody wants to be rejected because of our failing society with closed eyes. I've been attracted to a man before even though I prefer women. Trust me, it's not because I wanted to be attracted. I looked at him and had instant "pants" action, then I happened to look at my girlfriends breasts and the same thing happened. Im attracted to alot of women but not alot of men. I could be bi-curious or just bi in general. I think most people fall inbetween the "straight" barrier and the "gay" barrier. Anyways, im rambling. I was attracted to that man, not of free will of course, it just happened. From this evidence, I believe gay people are born gay. I didn't look at the guy and go "Mhm hes hot." No, it just happened. Even though I didn't want it to happen, because after a second I caught myself and said "Ew.." but the "connection"(I guess you could call it that) didn't fade. Do you, GC, believe people are born gay or just choose to be gay? Straight people can choose to be gay I suppose, but it won't really be good if you know what im saying, it won't "work" I guess you could say. If you were straight and attempted to have sex with a man, you would most likely not be able to get it up unless you were imagining females or whatever. Im not sure if what Im saying makes sense but I try. So the question is..

    Do you believe gay people are born gay or simply choose to be gay?

    By the way, (this is directed at the immature fools who post retarded replys) if you reply something to the extent of "this thread is really gay" or "I hate gay people." grow the fuck up. No one wants to hear your immaturity. If you cant handle this thread, by all means, click the X in the corner of the screen.
  2. They bengay.
  3. I could post a lot more, but all I will post is, born gay.
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    Born gay.

  5. omg you didnt post in purple. the world is ending.
  6. wtf is up with this?! it keeps getting cut off. I have to go back and edit it because it keeps cutting off the "[color]" part
  7. I dunno, I don't think it's as simple as being born like gay or choosing it.. I think it's a culmination of their upbringing, their influences, their experiences and other such things. But then again, I'm not gay so I wouldn't really know.
  8. oh yea and Im pretty sure people choose to be gay. gay-ness isn't natural. don't hate.
  9. Elaborate please.

    Any evidence to back this up or is this just a near-sighted response?

    No offense, but alot of people tend to just say this.

  10. Who says it isn't natural? And don't say the bible.
  11. You can't really get evidence for this.

    man has a penis. woman has a vagina. penis goes in vagina. end.
  12. Penis can also go in anus :smoking:
  13. Little bit of both. At least now-a-days.

    To chicagotoker, being gay is natural. True gays are born gay, but lately we have seen a trend of gays and les. Either because they get rejected to many times or have had too many bad relationships they swear off the other sex.
  14. Its true. Just ask the Jonas Brothers
  15. :laughing: :laughing: and Justin Bieber. No one beats that asshole in the game of fellatio.
  16. who knows. i don't think anyone's BORN gay, but then again i don't think they necessarily CHOSE to be gay. i think it is a learned behavior in adolescence more pertaining to nurture than nature..
  17. Everybodys different. Sexual physical attraction is based upon how you grow up... well not always, but thats usually a factor. God(and if your an atheist, this can apply aswell) made us so we are attracted to one another... as in humans. Not just genders. For the atheists, we are human and we are attracted to one another and sometimes gender doesn't stop that. I agree with the penis/vagina analogy but there are major flaws. Everybody has different feelings of attraction. I doubt that when someone is born they automatically think "PENIS+VAGINA, I LOVE VAGINA." Most kids at a young age think girls have cooties lol. Puberty usually changes this and boys start to notice girls developing. Jugs a poppin son :). What I'm trying to say is that people are attracted to one another and gender doesn't always stop it. You can't really choose who you are/aren't attracted to, and if you do, it's all in your head.
  18. She likes anal? I thought she was the traditional type.

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