Bored artist?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by ChronicColossus, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Are you a bored artist? Can you make memorable avatars? Do you like to smoke weed and be really creative? I have a job for you! Im looking for a new avatar and/or sig and need a talented artist to make one for me because I lack the ability to do so myself. there are no specifics and the only limit is how far your imagination goes. If you have the time and wish to put forth the effort, you will not only be rewarded with my gratitude and a bit of rep but you will see YOUR handiwork through GC as I post. If you'd like suggestions, i prefer something related to my forum name and humorous. Thanks for your time you creative blades!
  2. I told you it was a good idea, then you got no replies, now I feel like a jackass.....

    thats my informal bump
  3. haha, no worries. im in no rush and its still young post.
  4. i'd do it, i made my avatar after all, but i think yours is pretty cool already
  5. Yea ha I'm sorry man, I have PS and all, but I haven't used it in forever and I don't feel like being creative :eek:

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