Bored and wanna make some sigs...

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Adam Bomb, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Just as the title says. I'm bored and want to make some sigs for people. :)

    Please don't ask for one unless you have a general idea of what you want (Color(s), pics, theme, etc...). Improvising sigs is a pain in the ass when I have no clue what to make.

    Lets go!
  2. i want one that says Mateo and a pic of dank weed
  3. you think you could incorporate something like my signature but different?

    And maybe use my name in the sig? Thanks! :smoke:
  4. How's this? :)

  5. i love it dude! thanks +rep
  6. Could you make me one that is a bong sideways with smoke coming out of it that says my name?
  7. Here ya go, kusherbs.

  8. Ive been wanting a sig for a while but am still a bit of a noob at photoshop lol.

    If you have time good sir.....

    Can you make me one with, well....Smoke and Mirrors lol. Maybe some smoke trails all can improvise as well!! :hello:

  9. Thanks!!!! +Rep :hello:
  10. This is all I could come up with for now, steeeez.

  11. How about a nature/foresty peaceful background with "Grubworm" in some sort of psychadelic colors? Fell free to get creative as you want haha. thanks in advance!
  12. Colour; purple/green(name)
    theme; nature/amazonic with a guy meditating if possible.
    And offcourse my name on it:eek:Thanks in advance
  13. Here ya go, grubworm.

  14. I dig that man, thanks a lot! perfect scene and that reflection is a cool touch. :hello:
  15. Glad you like it, man! :cool:
  16. well if you can i would like a sig that hasa AMAIRANY in it and then has HIGH ON IT make it colorful and weed and peace incorporated in it, i think that is clear enough

    thanks :)
  17. DUDE that's perfect! +rep FASHO
  18. Adam Bomb are you going to make more sigs? just asking :)
  19. hey could you make me one with a fractal that fades out with my name at the center ? thanks , color scheme preferably yellow blue black
  20. I could use a back to the future sig. :p if you could?

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