Bored and dry as fuck..

Discussion in 'General' started by XCLuSiVeSTiLo, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Damn this is fucked. I have no weed and am bored as fuck. I play one mission a night of Splinter cell chaos theory then watch adult swim while stoned and now there is nothing to do until adult swim comes on. Good news is tommorow ill be getting a nice Half of some Haze and a nice 2 gram bag of some NYC deisel i am gonna be so stoned fo the rest of this month then Aug 1st I will take my 1 year tolerance break again. Damn just thinking about it sucks but oh well good things come to those who wait.
  2. more bad news. adult swim dont come on on fridays
  3. Weird..

    I got about 8 ounces of dank. A couplea 40's of King Cobra, Drank one. About another fifth of whiskey, Drank a pint. And smoked some dank.

    And im bored.

    Shit sucks lol.

    I'm trashed. Can barley stand up.

    But shits mad boring.

    Jus another day doing the same shit (gettin durnk n high) and jus sittin at the crib ona friday is mad boring.

    But i got mad bussiness to do here and aient leavin doin shit here.

    So bout to chill here for a bit, Then go outside and drank n smoke n chill.
  4. yea i realized shortly after posting adult swim aint on tonight so fuck it about to put down a couple beers and parlay here in mah crib. Going down to the heights tommorow for that Manhattan rawness oh yeah. Highlight of mah day was smashing my girls ass til she passed out and now theres just some beer. I need some chronic man ah i just found my grandmas boy DVD im gonna watch that shit
  5. here is a free music video U might like,

    masta ace born to roll

    watch it for free at youtube
  6. 1- get in your car
    2- go get a 24 pack of beer
    3- drink the beer
    4- get drunk


    1- drive to your dealer
    2- get a half ouce of dank
    3- roll a blunt
    4- get highh

    or both :hello:
  7. How about trying to scoop some ladies?

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