Borderlands 3

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  1. Anyone else excited for this game? It's the game I'm hyped up for the most. Borderlands is one of my favorite series, and one of my favorite games to play while stoned, especially in co-op. Just smoking bowls and shooting mindlessly with buddies, good times :love-m3j:
    This one looks so fucking awesome too, they're really adding a shitload of cool stuff and improvements. We can exchange steam ids to play when it comes out. Mine is JAMES BONG
  2. un piccolo impegno in più da parte tua potrebbe ottenere la risposta che cerchi

    18 anni qui per favore
  3. Wtf does that mean lmao. Why are you translating your post into italian gibberish?
  4. Oh god yes! Been waiting for this for too long now. I've seen all the gameplay videos, and it seems like they've nailed it. I like how you can scale loot and enemies to your level - regardless of what the rest of your party is.

    Easily one of the best series around. The pre sequel was good, didn't deserve the hate it got. Playing as Jack was great, the humour was awesome. Also enjoyed the tales from the Borderlands too, that story was quite heavy...

    A proper sequel to number 2 though is way overdue! Can not wait! I won't be joining you (I'm on PS4..). Can't wait to see what the bonuses are too. I usually avoid pre order bonuses but made an exception here - I'm interested to see what the butt stallion bonus means, exactly.

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