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  1. Im pickin some some shrooomz tonight and i was just wondering somethin. Ive done it a few times so im straight wiith how much to take and stuff but i wanted to get your opinions on weather im going to have a hard time getting up at 7:30 am the next day if i take them at 7-8 tonight. Im taking a half 1/8 so it shoudnt be to hard i think .
  2. Magic
    Youll be able to get up the next day, but you'll probably stay up later than usual.
  3. Ya thats what i was thinking , i might try to get to sleep at a decent time and see if i will be tripping during sleep, i know sleeping is like tripping anyways becazsue of htat brain chemicawl but who knows! im pumped up i love booomers
  4. I know that you can NOT get to sleep until at least 5 hrs after you take them, as soon as you close your eyes you see all kinds of stuff and you go places but you never fall asleep, at least in my experience. The comedown is awesome tho, you feel so good. I guess thats good for sleep.
  5. yeah the first time I did em I was pretty fuckin scared and I tried to just fall asleep but i coulden't I'de just be thinking all these crazzy thoughts
  6. no doubt...happens to me almost everytime....i've quit them for a while....just PRODUCIN the hell out of em':D

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