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  1. i just got this book called LAbyrinth. its a book about the whole deal with biggie and tupac and i wanna read it high. has anyone had any experience reading high? if so how is it and how high were you?
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    Yes you can do anything high especially reading. Just make sure your not tired or you might accidently fall asleep. I can really get into stories when I'm high, articles, books, whatever.
  3. thank you
  4. just make sure you dont get too high. ive tried reading a couple times when i was prettey well zooted and i couldnt get my eyes to focus on one word the just kept drifting around the page . im not really that big of a reader though
  5. ehhhh i cant do things like that when im high! when im baked i just like to go out and do stuff! not necessarily go out, but i like doing things, not just sittin there ya know?:smoking:
  6. Being pretty high and reading adds a lot of dimension to the text... reading while stoned as shit makes it difficult to connect one thought to another or follow the flow of ideas.

    Fiction is easier to read, unless the author assumes a high level of intelligence from their audience. Give it a shot, see what it does for you. :)
  7. i go to the library high allll the time never been there sober before im no kiding
    i was reading about how flight got started back in the 1900 1890 and i really thought that we were living in that era rite now it just got to my head it is so fun to read books while high way wayyyy better than watching tv
  8. thank you everybody. i think im gonna try it. im not much of a reader but the whole biggie and tupac thing has always interested me greatly, so we'll see what happens
  9. I read Ulysses by James Joyce aloud when I get really baked and it's at hand. A lot of fun.
  10. LAbyrinth is a really good book man,I've read through it a few times now.
  11. Im like some people in this thread. I enjoy reading but when i get pretty baked, i cant concentrate and i read the story in parts and cant put anything together.

    it would be like reading like this.

    I...once grow......a big.....plant..
  12. i like to read more informative books while high. Like history, how to's, nature, etc. I cant stay focused on stories unless it was read to me.

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