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    First chapter:
    Probably going to read this whole book... it's free. I'll post up anything I think might be wrong or something.
  2. hmmmmm

    I'd like to see information on the questions economics CAN'T explain. Those are the ones that fly in the face of a planned economy.
  3. I don't understand why these Mises people always act as if empirical evidence doesn't matter. In the book it says that empirical evidence is as important for geometry as it is to economics. I say, if, logically, a triangle's angles always add up to 180 or something, why not go measure a few triangles and validate this logic empirically?
  4. Logic need not apply to free market philosophy.
  5. That's not even true. Keep lambasting yourself. Your understanding of logic and free market philosophy are obviously flawed if you got that from my post.
  6. Actually I was giving you my opinion, but keep lambasting yourself.
  7. Actually, you were making a claim of fact. Sorry for being mean.
  8. Yep, I gave you my opinion on what is fact.
  9. Fair enough.
  10. Agreed.
  11. I see you have a quote from George Orwell in your sig. I hope you know he was a pro-advocate of democratic socialism!
  12. He also supported a political party that eventually went on to do the same things he wrote about in his various books. What's your point?
  13. Well one you can measure with empirical data the other you can't.

    So one of those is using made up rules.
  14. Why can't empirical data be collected that is useful for economics? Don't we get empirical data for social sciences all the time, like statistics of socioeconomic stuff?

    What do you suppose the rules are?
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    Austrians aren't opposed to empirical data, but they do understand that empirical data doesn't always tell the whole story, which is why building economic models strictly off past data doesn't always produce useful results.
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  17. why would you "learn" from reading a book written by people trying to push an agenda on you?
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    I've already taken high school and college courses on economics. It's like a refresher, and also a chance for me to see if I actually agree with the "Austrian perspective."

    In college I was taught to think about economics using what they call "Keynesian analysis."

  19. :laughing:

    Because the agenda that has been pushed by teachers, professors, news agencies, and socialist marxist politicians for the past 100 years is bullshit and a failure? Just a shot in the dark...

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