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  1. whats up GC so im planning a trip to bonnaroo this year, its gunna be me my gf and her friend going together and so far i think ive got the necesseties but if anyone has some oddball item suggestions or just fest tips it would be very appreciated. and as far as bud goes i want to bring about a half or so with us but im curious on the drug searches before entry and things like that so what should i do blades?
  2. I'm going man, see you there.
  3. As soon as you get there



    And Roll
  4. nice r u a local? and as far as drug checks do they just kinda glance when ur on the way in or am i going to need to stash my bud deep in the car?
  5. When I went ('06) the searches were for your trunk and your cooler. I can't remember if they even went through the main part of the car. If you're planning on arriving with stuff I wish you luck -- plenty of people do it each year so they're getting it in somehow. It isn't all peachy though, I saw tons of people on the way there and back getting busted by unmarked, blacked-out SUVs (same goes for All Good). I would suggest bringing some animal odor and marking your tires with it. The guy that does the "Busted" series who worked for the feds says it can throw the dog's nose off and lead to an inconclusive search if you have something like deer piss all over your tires for example. Food for thought.

    Otherwise the best tip I have is to either stick together or plan meetup times at specific spots if you separate or see different shows. It's way too easy to get lost with a headfull. :wave:
  6. so do the bonnaroo staff who search at the gate have dogs? or are there cops at the gate as well? maybe im high and way overthinking this lol
  7. At Allgood they just had random checkpoints along the way with 5-0 pulling over suspicious cars. The staff just looks for nitrous tanks, glass bottles, weapons.

    Just dress like a young chap and you fill be fine.
  8. has got all info about what youre wanting to know....and much more

    If you are female, tuck that weed down yer undies to get it into the show area...they will search your bag and even pat down, but they dont go there... I went in 07 btw

    They give a little search on entry with the car....but was just dogs (then)

    Things were pretty chill the entire time...smoked out in the open, never hassled...even hooked up on the goodies when we got there...was a great time.

    Make sure you hit up STS9 while youre band in teh worrlllldd :D
  9. Electric Forest > Bonnaroo

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Electric Forest 2011 Teaser‬‏[/ame]
  10. That amount sounds about right. Just do your research and be carefull.. nothing stupid. Do not consent to any searches if you are stopped. The popo are not allowed to hold u longer than it would take to write a ticket/run a check.

    My "friend" in Nashville fell through that committed to getting me to the fest, as I am hitchhiking to Roo this year I am in need of someone to get me to Manchester.. more than willing to throw down on gas & grass.
  11. Fuck I will be at EFF next year this year my homies could not get the money together for it so I went to roo with some buds from out of state...
  12. last year my friends and i had no problem sneaking in weed, and other drugs, and beer. they just open your trunk to make sure you don't have crazy shit or aren't sneaking anyone in.

    and bring tons of water. like, as much as you can bring. and get ready to spend a fortune on ice there, too.

    can't wait to go! less than 2 weeks. see you all there perhaps maybe who knows

  13. If you're worried just put it in the bottom of your sleeping bag and roll it up so the bottom is in the middle of the roll and if you're really concerned just double bag it in case of the smell.
    Here are some things to remember though, Do not bring any glass containers, if you want to bring alcohol, get cans for beer and either get the plastic container for liquor or pour it into another container. Oh and battery powered fans are your best friend in your tent and baby wipes will be your best friend for the entire festival hahaha. :hello:

    LOL I'm going to both this year and I say they are equally good, just depends on if you like mainly electronic or have more of an eclectic taste in music :p.
  14. Holy fuck, I'm excited.

    I haven't gone on vacation in forever.

    I'm gonna get so fucked up...
  15. Jealous of all going to bonnaroo, but dude Electric Forest looks fucking amazing... gunna try and get up there
  16. all i can say is bonnaroo is always reallllllly hot. it's basically a huge field with stages and areas for tents. very little shade.

    late night is where the fun happens. rest up:D
  17. I go to as many festivals as I possibly can, so here's a few things I've learned over the years :D


    Bring glass bottles. That's one thing they are really looking for if you get searched at the gate. They will most likely just open your cooler. They don't go through your bags or anything, just a quick look around for glass bottles, nitrous tanks, and pets.

    Overdo it on the first day. You don't wanna fuck your fest up by feeling like crap for 2 days.

    Forget sunscreen if you burn. When I went, it was insanely hot and some people had bad sunburns.

    Drive like a dumbass when you get near the fest. Be sober when entering, you have plenty of time to party inside the gates.


    Pack absolutely everything you need. No cutting corners, you're not going to want to be out there and be like FUCK I need _______. Someone else said it, but bring lots of water. A gallon per day per person is a good estimate when you're out in the heat
    *possibly doing drugs* ;)

    Try and have some sort of refillable, portable water container to have with you when you aren't at your campsite. A camelback is amazing at a festival, and you can hide stuff underneath the bladder, they never search there.
    Stay hydrated, and make sure your friends do too.

    Someone else said it, already, but it's super important, so I'm gonna say it again.. bring BABY WIPES. Throw a big pack in one of your coolers..keeps them ice cold which feels great since it's f'ing hot as hell, and you're going to sweat and feel gross. Another thing I do is get some washclothes slightly wet, bag them up in ziploc bags, and put those in the cooler. Awesome for cooling off.

    If you're a guy... bring baby powder. Almost every dude I know complains about swamp ass and their balls chafing..
    which honestly baffles me, but they all roll up with a travel thing of baby powder :laughing:

    As for your goodies... Hide them. A can safe, thrown in a cooler full of other cans that look identical to the safe is an amazing disguise for your drugs.

    Bring earplugs.. they are awesome when trying to catch an afternoon nap :smoke:

    Memorize fully where your campsite is. If you're reallly messed up, keep in mind there are literally thousands upon thousands of tents and campsites at this place.. you need to know where your home is ;)

    Set up meeting places if you get separated from your friends. Makes things much easier in the end. My buddy was holding my camelpack during a show with all of my money and EVERYTHING in it ran off to see a different set, didn't tell me or anything. I lost him for like 30 minutes, and I was in no state of mind to be trying to find someone. Scary stuff, lol.

    Hope I helped :)

  18. this.

    to elaborate.

    -bonnaroo is large. seriously large. its easy to get lost walking around the camp site- we always bring a large marker or balloons so we can see our site for the first day until we can find it no problem.

    -bring a tarp and some rope to make some shade.

    -bring more water than beer, i know that sounds crazy but if you run out of beer i guarantee there will be people willing to trade too much beer for a little bit of water.

    -it is fucking hot down there so ....BRING MORE WATER- definitely agree with the camelpak idea mines been with me through many a fest.

    -bring extra pairs of cheap sunglasses. and also bring a sweatshirt because it can get a little chilly at night.
  19. Buffalo Springfields playin. Hell yea.

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