Bonnaroo 2009

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  1. I just got my tix for Bonnaroo 2009! I'm so fucking pumped, are there any other blades going? The lineup is epic, I'm so fucking excited!:hello::smoke:
  2. I'll be down there. Its only like a 4 hour drive for me.
  3. Im in california so ill be headed to Coachella, Bonnaroo's lineup is so much more rad though. Im jealous.
  4. i hope to be there too...awesome lineup
  5. Rothbury's is going to be better :D
  6. I was going to go, but I heard they're not tolerating drugs this year, and I was planning on tripping pretty much the whole time I was there, but if people are going to be hassling me and ruin my trips, I don't want to.

    And I was really looking forward to seeing The Mars Volta while on some acid.

  7. Where did you hear this? Doesn't affect me, I'll be tripping out so bad they wouldn't be able to do anything about it.
  8. yeah where did you hear aboout this new drug crackdown, i just got my ticket and ive been previous years where it was very lenient and a good environment for just about anything.

  9. this is BS.

    ... its bonnaroo. been the past two years and have seen 1-2 people both times with backpacks full of e and blotter being cracked down on, but thats because they had so much and were trying to sell it all. theres going to be 80,000+ people there. they wont crack down on the people just acting funny dancing and having a good time. like I said.. its bonnaroo.

    I'm stoked!!
  10. Im funky not a junkie but i know where to get it.

    Good song reference OP.
  11. its 30 min drive from my house I will be sneaking in like I do eveyyear
  12. I WANT TO GO SOOOO BAD. Unfortunately its a no go for me :(:(:(
  13. A lot of my friends have told me, I don't know though, it could just be a rumor.
    I hope so.
  14. I'm going with 3 people in a RV from Jersey, first time to. Should be epic! I'm beyond stoked!
  15. Went last year and had the best time ever tripping my balls of to sigur ros. So i'll definitely be there this year.
  16. I'll be going. roo is gonna be crazy this year. any you guys coming from NJ area i'm putting together an RV convoy. email me at cars welcome but won't be able to park with us.
  17. I'm going for the first time. I'll be with 2 friends who have both gone in previous years. I'm fucking pysched, were driving an SUV and sleeping in tents. we should do a GC bakeout though!
  18. I may have to drive down by myself cause none of my friends are really wanting to go.
  19. It doesn't seem worthwhile to go. I heard RATM, red hot chili peppers, flaming lips where suppose to play this year but I guess they aren't.

    Beastie boys are a plus though.
  20. I'm not too worried about the line up, in fact I'm fucking stoked! Phish two times, the Boss, Snoop Dogg, Al Green, Wilco, Ben Harper, Animal Collective, Andrew Bird, I mean come on! The line up is nothing less than epic!!

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