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    Its pretty clear there is something wrong with my plants, the one on the left more than right. I dont think i have the time to mess with eggshells. I bought this stuff not realizing it was a foliar spray and im scared to spray on since im about to be in week 6 of flowering in 2 days and the last thing i want is mold or pm from foliar spraying way to late in the game. On the other hand i dont want the cal/mag deficiency to affect my buds. My ph is between 6.0 and 6.5 on both plants so i ruled that out pretty quick since im in soilless. I figured since im using jungle juice that its cal/mag since i havent added any form of either the whole grow, aside from whats in the bottles which from what i understand isnt enough. I planned on buying some epsom salts for my jext watering. I have 2 questions i guess.

    First am i right about it being a cal/mag problem? If im not then how do i go about fixing it.
    Second would i be able to add this foliar spray to the rest of mhy nutrients and water as usual? All it contains is calcium and it says its derived from calcium chloride.

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    The two on top are the left plant where it looks much worse than the 2 under it. I really need your help guys , i dont want to destroy my first harvest. Everything looked so good before.

    Edit: heres a pic of the rot stop bottle so you guys can see. It also only posted one of 4 pictures of the plants but the one is enough for a diagnosis. If you need more info on the specs of the grow its all in the first post on the link in my sig.

  2. Bump. I need help please guys.
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    I'd like to help Bud but I got this one assinine Jackson55 bird-dogging me, telling everyone I'm off base. But, with no more info than you have provided, it's possible it Ca, and Mn since you said your soil-less. When you say your ph is between 6 and 6.5 on both plants are you saying that's run-off ph?

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