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  1. Damn man..Just spiulled bong water under this coffee table that i keep my bong in. Too high to get my ass off and clean it up. Work called me in on my day off to work in 10 minutes (from when he called me at 11:45) Then sent me home 2 an a hald hours later.. came home, laid down again.fucker woke me up too..decided wanted to smoke so here i am..
  2. heheh, bong water spillage sux0rs, you ever clean it up yet? :p
  3. No. It\'s not getting cleaned up (*shrugs)
  4. yea man bongwater smell you can never get to go away
  5. yeah, I still have a scarf that smells like bong water...and I spilled it on it 3 years ago...but if you spray it with Febreeze it\'s cool for a while ( I really like the scarf..that\'s why I didn\'t get a new one)

  6. Heh... I remeber a great Wake \'n\' Bake I had once... Called work at 9:00am it was raining (I was working in a service industry that was weather-dependant) so they told me to stay home... so we did the wake n bake and whaddya know, they call me at 10:00 to come in... I was at the active part of the stone so I was like \"Sure\" and by the time I get to work I was FUCKED. That was not a fun day...
  7. bongwater : funny movie and it makes your carpet smell real bad when spilled.
  8. what is it about bong water that makes whatever it\'s spiled onto smell so bad so permanently?

    I was so high one time after me and my friends smoked out at this school late at night that like, after we were done, I forgot to empty out the bong of the water before I put it into my backpack so I just put it in the pack, water and all and eventually realized that I had a wet smelly mess about halfway as we were walking down the street. I was really high.

    Anyway, the backpack STILL smells like bongwater. That was two years ago.
  9. Pour beer on it and close the house up on a hot day.:)
  10. Then it would smell like my ex!!

  11. heheheehee!
  12. I spilt bogn water on my pants and went to school... febreezed that shit like a mugfucka before i went there though... hahah... if you dont such the cash into your water, it wont get htat bad

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