Bongs vs. Pipes

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  1. Okay I'm new to smoking sensimilla and I want to know what get's you higher longer and harder bongs or pipes? One more thing I would like to know if bongs really burn weed faster or will they conserve weed the same?
  2. Bongs get you much higher for the same amount of weed, they cool and filter the smoke, and they waste less of it. Bongs are the way to go, but they are higher matinence
  3. bongs are the way to be high a long time just depends on how good your weed is, bongs get you higher its waay more smoke...pipes probably conserve weed more but bongs conserve weed as well
  4. Bongs bro you can make bongs outta pretty much anything and they get you higher then a pipe would
  5. I love my bong, but I can't help packing this Beauty every once n a while

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  6. ^ haha I don't blame you, that's intricate work for sure.

    Bong all the way, having nice glass like that eventually becomes a collection if you don't sell it all like me >.<
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    I would never sell a piece of my glass family! n yea that bowl only ran me bout 45 n the spikes are dark sparkly green!
  8. Bombs will def. get you higher, but in my experience pipes conserve the weed better. Pipes are better for chilling out and relaxing as opposed to getting super blazed.
  9. I aggree with this guy. if you want to chill and enjoy the act of smoking for longer, use a pipe. if you want to get more high, use a bong.
  10. I disagree. I think smoking out of a bong is one of the most enjoyable ways to smoke. Its just so chill and the sound is amazing :smoke:
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    Haha yeah i like the bubbling sound of the bongs
  12. yeahh, i get that. It's all gone so much faster than a pipe tho... (bong is still my favorite too)
  13. bong for wam n done, bowl for relaxing n smoking. simple.

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