Bongs or Vapes?

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  1. This topic has seemed to have a bit of a debate which is better. I woulden't doubt that a vape would be better because it's just vapor instead of smoke, but I heard some people say they prefer bongs.. I really want to get a vape and I was thinkin a Volcano but I don't want to spend 400 or 500$ on one if it's no better then a bong. Opinions please.
  2. better.....

    it's all personal preference. Some like to inhale smoke, some like vapor. Some like both. There are a lot of great vapes out there from 150-300$ So you dont need to spend 4 or 500 on a volcano.
    Bongs are a stoners best friend though. It's great to have one, they're fun to hit, impress your guests, and get you stoned quick.

    Personally, i would get a vape before a bong. Just because i love vaporizing so much.
  3. I think it would be safe to say that your choice bewteen the two would have to depends on how much your willing to spend or can spend.
  4. +1 for a good vape. check out
  5. Not at all, I was just wondering what people prefered. I don't mind spending 500$ on a vape, as long as it's good. Price is not a problem for me, it's quality and how good it works.
  6. Thanks for the answers everyone. No need to post in this thread anymore as I have all the information I need now.
  7. Oh ok glad u found everything

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