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Bongs Or Blunts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GrEeN lEaF cUz, May 7, 2004.

  1. ok me and my friend are having a little bit of an arugument i say bongs get u higher and are better then blunts. plz what do u all think he bet me 8 grams that blunts are better but i know bongs are what do u all think plzz respond
  3. if u wanna knock yaself out and waste ya money, blunts are the choice......but if u wanna get more THC and CBDs, the full taste of the bud, and a much bigger hit......the bong is the choice.....

    ay'ways, me personally though, i would perfer a bong.....just cus u can taste the bud better and u get most of the THC and shit......i mean, i'd love to smoke blunts wit the homies....but i aint rollin my shit up in a blunt.....its a waste.....
  4. Bongs are definately better than bluntz. The only thing that blunts do is waste weed as WCS said. I'd take a bong over a blunt any day.
  5. gotta go with blunts. a peach white owl mmmm, can't go wrong
  6. thankz alot. i smoke blunts wit ma boys but when im home i just usally use my nice 3 foot bong
  7. Alright, this is a popular discussion where I'm from too. I love blunts as much as the next guy, but bongs are on a totally different level.

    I get completely retarded after smoking bongs. It's like an entirely different high than anything else.

    So I'm picking bongs. But keep in mind, there isn't a right answer, its all preference. So, good luck winning the eight grams.

  8. Exactly, Cuz if your cruisin with some friends and you all pitch some dope on a blunt, then it makes for a killer session, blunts are good to smoke sometimes rather than joints. BUT, when im chillin in my room in my comftorble chair then i like to hit the bong, see how big of hit you can get, and get REALLY REALLY stoned, whatever your doin or what mood your in affects the tool used I guess
  9. hes askin which are better, not wut u perfer......

  10. What he said.
  11. yeah.....but if u compare both of em, youd come up wit more pros than blunts......
  12. maaaaan, ill be craving a blunt reeeeal bad sometimes, but after i smoke one, i think...Damn, i just wasted hella bud.. and i cough heelllla afterwards..and i dont like the baccy

    Bongs on the other hand.... I LOVE THEM

  13. You gotta have both going around. Right after you take a bong rip, there is a blunt next to your nose =D And I don't like dealing with baccy either, I prefer to just use a wrap and get nice and tight, then harden it. My personal blunt preference.

    But if you are trying to get at which will get you higher. If you put 2g into a blunt and smoked it or packed 2g into the bong and ripped it, you would be considerably higher.

    I have a bong and it is usually what I use, but I love to roll up a blunt and smoke it. When you have a blunt you can go for a walk or a cruise as well.

  14. Lotsa good points in that post. I'd definately feel higher smoking a few grams worth of bongs then smoking a few gram blunt.

    And yeah, I'd usually smoke a bong, but what you said about driving/walking, blunts are definately better. Hah, I could imagine seeing some kid walking down the road with a two foot bong in his hand. Haha. But yeah, driving with bongs, although extremely sketchy if pulled over, can be a fun experience.
  15. bongs all the way,i dont get stoned off of a joint or blunt,but i get ripped off of a bong,so bong and pips all the way
  16. thats a tough question, bongs conserves the bud. if ur talking the same amounts of weed to be smoked, then bongs are better for sure. for example, if u rolled a gram blunt and smoked a gram in the bong, the bong would get u way more ripped.
  17. Bong in the car can make a mess too! Although bongs make for -great- clam baking because there is just so much smoke. When me and my buddies clam bake with my bong we find a nice area to just park and not move.

    And dont you hate it when you are trying to achieve a true clam with someone and they start saying shit like "i cant breathe, put the windows down" or just start complaining about how much smoke there is. If you arent willing to clam until you cant see the person next to you, then you shouldnt be there in the first place!
  18. Yo, just smoke a bongload or two and then chill with a cigar of both...

  19. Dude! I so know what you're talking about. After 3or4 bowls I have friends who are like, "let me out, i need air! i'm gonna pass out!" Blah blah. I swear I can't take that shit. I don't know maybe it's just cause I've been smoking so much longer then all my friends have.
  20. Without a doubt man, I have friends do the same thing. Luckily one of my buddies who likes to drive a lot believes in a true clam. He locks all his windows and doesnt stop till the weed is gone =D But when Im with other people, a lot of times they cant take it and whine.

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