Bongs keep breaking help

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  1. How it going guys? Have a question I've had two glass bongs break all with out me touching it or some one else touching it, now I've been leaving them outside under my porch in the shade, it's summer now and I'm wondering it the heat has some to do with it? they're clean breaks too, no shattering or anything the collar where the down stem broke on this new one and on my old bong. (Beaker) the stems would break all the time same situation just left out side. Thanks guys

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  2. If they both broke at the joint, cheap manufacturing...
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  4. if its close to a wall thats where mice and possum kind of walk at night. they might have stumbled them over. stash them waterless and laid down next time. just take a water bottle with u
  5. dont stash them outside
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