"Bongs before butchery"

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    A wonderfull Headline that draws to attention to a recent murder in Australia, and that a man present had smoked over 50 Cones during the day.

    report is by ninemsn

    The catchy "bongs before butchery" link drew my attention, to what can only be described as an article clearly linking the use of pot, with murderous reefer madness - including necrophelia.

    The article is only about the man that witnessed the murder, and doesnot actually mention if the accused murderer had even smoked pot.
  2. ...I bet Ted Bundy and Dahmer drank alcohol as well. But my bullshit alarm went off.

    Williams said he didn't know how to react.
    "I jumped over the couch ... I smoked dope," Williams told the court.

    Who the hell says i dont know what to do because i smoked dope?
  3. This selfish prick is just trying to use the demon plant excuse to get away with it, since the world literally thinks that when you inhale marijuana smoke into your body you will be possessed by an evil demon or possibly even Satan himself.
  4. if I tried hard I could maybe have about 5 cones in a night, if I was really in the zone I could probably hit 10. I wouldn't be able to talk or move or think

    there's no way that dude could get to 50 without being on something else
  5. Wait it said he was hit with a brick in the beginning then later it said she was drowned? what's up with that?
  6. I think it was she got hit with the brick, then papadopulous drowned her. His story sounded pretty sketchy though, I mean he touched her ass and vagina to prove to his friend he wasn't comfortable with it? Who the fuck would do that? Moreover who the fuck would even tell a courtroom that he touched those places unless they had fingerprints or DNA, which I highly doubt would still be there after the water and shit. Also was the dude talking about cones like blunt/joint cones? Cuz I thought maybe he was referring to the bowl of a bong

  7. In Australia we call a Bowl a cone, so it could mean he smoke 50 bowls from a bong, or a pipe. It usually doesnt mean your smoking a joint.

    This guy was found not guilty of Murder yesterday btw. he was convicted of mansluaghter tho. I'll try to find the article tonight when i get home and linky it.
  8. I'm calling propaganda bullshit.
  9. THIS ISNT EVEN AN ARTICLE. wtf none of it makes any sense
  10. I know that's what I usually do when my roommate bludgeons his dates with construction materials.
  11. Messed up stuff.

    Sounds like he groped her to try and make everything seem OK so the guy wouldn't attack him next.
  12. Wow, that's crazy!

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