Bongos? :D

Discussion in 'General' started by DDV, May 3, 2011.

  1. So I wanna learn to play the bongos. Was just wondering if anyone here knew how to play? Any advice? I was thinking about buying these:


    Blades, any help? :cool:
  2. Idk man just jam

    I might buy those, thats a good deal
  3. basic drumming is fun and (I think pretty easy epically if you have any music background) if you can keep a 1-2-3-4 beat your in...drum circles are fun too- can't do what the really good people do but that ok- it's fun. Got some bongos ans a d'jembe about a year and a half ago. and unlike other insturments I've played you can get a basic decent sound pretty fas just play around with it...ok I'll stop rambling now...go get you bongos
  4. I've never played a bongo but plenty of djembes. Hand percussion, same basic stuff.

    I recently got this drum about 3 months ago. Plays very nice and is a good midrange drum. Highs are not the best, but mids and lows are very "warm". Only downside is the rope tensioning takes a lot more work to tune, but sounds better IMO.

    Regardless of what drum you get, listen to some music after you play around with it for a while. Focus on the beat, and at first just hit whenever the bass hits hardest. Use the rhythm of the song to guide you, and even emulate the beat of the song as best you can. Once you've done that then get creative and just use the music as a more entertaining metronome.

    Play around, have fun, and don't stress over drum choice so much. After you play for a while, you'll know what you like and don't like. Craigslist is your friend, if you cant swing the cash to have multiple drums, just buy and sell. Get one that fits your budget, walk into local store if you have one and ask an employee for advice. My guitar center has always been very helpful.

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