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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TMan, May 26, 2009.

  1. I've smoked white widow from paper joints a few times and it was mind blowing, the high and aroma are great. However i've never smoked from a bong. So what is the difference between paper joints and a bong? A detailed answer would be best b/c i really want to know the difference.
  2. I love how joints can really give you that up lifting funny kind of high. And yeah smoking from a bong is a different high. A bong will get you stoned if you smoke a lot, as in the kind of high where you're so lost in your own world you just kinda stare and sometimes don't say much or anything that makes real since lol, and also can be accompanied by a bad case of slack jaw haha.

    Bongs and joints are tied for my two favorite ways to smoke.:D ...:smoking:
  3. yes I agree bowls do give me a more stoned feeling. However if you let your pipe get filled up with resin it seems to reduce potency from my experience. I find that if i smoke too many bowls i almost get immune to the marijuana. Then if i switch to a blunt or a joint i get stoned again. Likewise the other way around. Smoke too many joints need to smoke a few bowls to get ripped. I also find that switching the type of marijuana helps. If i smoke too much of a certain kind it looses its effect, however if I smoke a different kind of bud, even if the potency is lacking, I get nice and stoned again.
  4. Bongs are way better in my opinion. The high lasts longer too
  5. For some odd reason this has been a touchy subject lately...

    Anyways, bongs will get you higher. Without a doubt. Joints are relatively wasteful (tons of people will argue this, but it is as long as it's burning and you're not hitting it, it's wasteful). Bongs are arguably healthier to use because of the water filtration.

    The biggest factor, however, is that the water cools the smoke significantly therefore you can hit more without choking up.
  6. Get a vaporizer man. All that other stuff is just a thing of the past.

    Silver Surfer or Da Buddha vaporizer are nicee.
  7. Hello Tman. I would definitly try out the bong if you never did it. You are always impressed - for people who didn't try it - how high you could possibly get. The high, being a bit different, is something to try; not forgetting it lasts longer too.

    I will have to strongly disagree. I wouldn't enjoy weed as much with a vaporiser. I mostly smoke outside and it is not the best place to use a vaporiser. Bongs and joints are surely not a thing of the past, still being really popular ways to toke.

    Have fun and enjoy your first time with a bong,
  8. I personally prefer using a bong, just because its easier to get ready and smoke. You dont have to go through the process of rolling and stuff you just pack a bowl and you are good to go. My roommate loves smoking joints though, which I think is mainly because he cant light a bong. Its mostly just personal preference. I have noticed though that bongs conserve better.
  9. theres not a different between joints and blunts and a pipe has to be very similar ..bongs and vapes ftw
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  11. Thanx for the feedback guys.

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