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  1. I'm a big fan of dyi, not just on smoking accessories but anything. I like the enjoyment of doing something with something I made. That being said I never smoked out of a store bought bong. Last night I went to a buddy of mines house and he had a zong that he had just purchased. It was inexpensive, nothing special, had a diffuser and a prebub on it. Well now I see the difference and I am ready to purchase my first bong. I see alot about roor on here and some other brands. What difference is there going to be between roor and one of the other brands. I found a weedstar that doesn't look much different that is 5mm thick, double perc and a diffuser stem for $150. Just wondering if it's necessary to go spend 300-400 on a bong and why?

  2. search button still works, right?
  3. Search is basically pointless on a forum unless it's one of those things that are very specific. If I type in bong or first bong or anything to do with bong I'm going to get a huge amount of results and so many have nothing to do with what I am looking for. If you don't have an answer why post?
  4. Let me tell you one of the best things I've done in buying bongs is calling up my smoking mentor and taking a trip down to the headshop. 300-400 is definitely not necessary on a single bong and you really don't need a brand name. The only one of my bongs which has a brand name is simply because it was the right bong for what I was looking for at the time. and the most I've paid is $130. What I think you should do is pick a price range(glass starts at about $40) and pick a few features that you'd like to see in your bong. I personally pay about $100 for a good bong cause I like sturdy pieces with a diffuser
  5. I guess my problem with that is knowing what's too much. The item listed below is the one I was looking at. It has an ice catcher, double perc and a diffuser stem. I can never really get a straight answer out of the person I know that would know most about bongs. He won't talk on the phone about any of it and the 15-20 minute ride to meet up with him usually isn't worth it bc of his answers. If anyone thinks that this one I am looking at is over kill then let me know and maybe steer me in a direction on some accessories that aren't just accessories I can say I have but more of the accessories that will be useful and make smoking better.

  6. this question gets answered (quite literally) 3-5 times a day. i DO have an answer, and you can probably find it in the first 1,000 threads to ask this question.

    the only questions you asked were "Just wondering if it's necessary to go spend 300-400 on a bong and why?" and "What difference is there going to be between roor and one of the other brands?"

    again, these EXACT questions get asked every single day... use the goddamn search button.
  7. Seems like you failed to read the rest of my response to your first post. I did search and I get pages of results but I get all threads that have to do with any word I type in search pop up. I don't really have an hour to 2 hours to go through threads that have no meaning for me. I am not asking about only roor I am asking about more of the higher end namebrands. I'm sure anyone could find any question they ask if they did research but not everyone has that kind of time on their hands. Is this not what a forum is for, to ask questions? Fuck the search button, the hassle isn't worth it.
  8. To me it's all about durability. That weed star is nice, and it is 5mm thick, but there's definitely a reason it's so cheap. Usually workmanship and durability are what it comes down to, a better brand for the money would be an EHLE off of grasscity or a ROOR. Both are german built, and better made in general.
  9. Ok, well it seems as though alot of people break bongs bc they drop it or what not. If I don't drop or tip the bong over then there should be no problem if I didn't get one of the better constructed ones? I also have asthma but doesn't affect me on a daily bases only during sports and similar things. So when I smoke I am looking for the smoothest smoke that I can get. I don't enjoy coughing a lung up then waiting 30-45 mins for my lungs to stop having spasms and be able to finally breathe normally. This is also my first store bought bong so I am drawn to the more options for less, which makes it appear to be a smoother hitting bong.
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    I'm not looking for roor vs weedstar or which one is better. I'm trying to find out what would be best for my application but I am not really looking to spend 300-400 bucks. I don't give a shit about the roor or the weedstar. I was simply stating that I found that one (weed star), which I was drawn to and wanted some opinions. Also in general what the difference between the less expensive bongs and the more expensive ones. The reason I was saying about putting bong in the search is bc some have a hard time understanding what they read. I can't search for a certain brand of bong if I have no brand to look for and people like yourself want to bash what I ask instead of helping someone out. I don't want a roor and am the least bit set on the weed star. That isn't my question so try reading again and use your head this time. I was using to brands bc of their price differences, we call that an example.

    EDIT: btw I did come across that post and it doesn't answer my question.

    I'll ask in a more simple manner so that you can understand.

    What is the difference between a less expensive bong and a more expensive name brand bong even being the same thickness? I believe donetodeath didn't have any problem understanding and pointed out the durability factor, thanks.

    What is overkill as far as accessories? I want something smooth, but I don't need all the gadgets if they aren't useful and just make the bong look "cooler".

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