1. Newbie here been smoking for a month and have been wanting to purchase a bong any tips or type I should look into?
  2. If only smoking for a month id just get a cheap soft glass bong
  3. Sure man, prolly something cheap and small. Glass is better than plastic but you may have better luck with plastic as cheap glass is gonna be pretty thin and fragile. I'd suggest a bong with no carb hole that you pull the bowl out to clear the bong. $20 will get you a decent plastic bong. I'd hate for you to get a cheap glass piece only to break and get you frustrated with bonging. Don't go too big as it may be uncomfortable and have more smoke than you want to deal with.

    Once you get used to bonging, you'll realize what you want/don't want. At that point you can make an educated investment on a quality glass bong with your preferences.
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    Get the Fumo Pipe. Best $80 you'll ever spend. Hits like a bong, and you can attach it to all kinds of things. Shown from left to right: Fumo Pipe with Gas Mask Attachment, Fumo Pipe Alone, Fumo Pipe with Double Wide Expansion Chamber, Fumo Pipe with 2 Foot Expansion Chamber, Fumo pipe with 1 Foot Expansion Chamber. It's a bad ass little piece.

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  5. Awesome thanks guy yea I was thinking of getting a glass bong and was looking into getting a vapor bong.
  6. SSFG travel tube my brotha!
    thick high quality glass, glass on glass joints, ice catch, and portable :D

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