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Bong Wont Clean

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MJStoner420, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. So i bought a flo inline bong from a guy and it came pretty smudgy from heavy use. I then went on to use it a couple times before cleaning it (the obvious alcohol&salt method) but it never came out completely clear like I was hoping. Every time is clean it, even with 90% isoprophyl, there are still areas that don't become completely clean and clear. Any help to this problem?

  2. Just hold the lighter to the packed bowl while breathing in through the top, an fill the chamber with smoke. Then pull the bowl out and clear it
    This should fix your bong problem
  3. Take 2 strong magnets, wrap one in cloth and soke it in your solution. Then put the clothed magnet in the bong and control it with your other magnet from outside the glass. This should get the inside pretty spotless, especially after already rinsing your bong out with the alcohol. This process could be difficult if your bong has a middle perculator
  4. I don't know if you came up with that on your own, read it or someone showed you but that's a great Idea.
    In fact, IMO, it's worth three internets and five marijuana's. Thank you.
  5. You were high as fuck hen to made this because of how genius it is
  6. I use Acetone when alcohol won't do the trick. It works great!
    lol, that's some stoner ingenuity if I've ever seen it. Never heard of that before but with the strong ass magnets you can get nowadays I'm sure it would work well on most parts of the bong.
  8. How are you not dead?
    I'm guessing he gives it a good cleaning after the acetone....I would hope.
  10. The magnet idea is the same principle that many people use on fish tanks. Just be careful that it is not a heavy magnet that can fall and break something. Also try simple green or the 420 cleaners
  11. How long do you let it soak? 
    I let my heavy duty dirty bong sit in 90% ISO and salt (yes, salt, you need to add salt if you haven't already. Salt does not dissolve, and acts as a scrubber. If you have never used salt, then that is your problem. Rice works too.) soak for about a day or so. I clean it with iso at least two times a week, and the more often I clean it the better it gets. 
    I second Simple Green. Stuff is potent.
    Also try using some oxyclean, let it dwell in the hottest water your faucet can produce.
    It may be hard water stains, so you'll need something besides Isopropyl Alcohol.
  13. Yes of course, I rinse very well when I use acetone. I don't have to use it often because I don't let it get bad anymore. Plus I vape and the bong only comes out when someone asks for it. I rinse it over and over and then fill it up with water and let it sit.

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