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bong water

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by assmullet, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. last night i was at a party sitting in the corner sparking up some joints with my friends. at the opposite end of the room there was another group having a session. one of them brought their 4-footer, and i was going to ask him if i could pack a bowl, just cause i like smoking big bongs. i was heading over to the other side of the room when i saw them fill up their bong---with vodka! the thought of the taste just grossed me out and i turned around and went back to my seat. forget that shite.

    and that's not even the worst part... one of them drank it afterwards. siiick.

    please tell me the rest of you are normal and fill it with water and ice.
  2. Yah i wouldnt smoke through anything alchohol the alchohol kills the THC in the smoke. Ive tried lots of different stuff but ill say no thanks to the vodka. Water and ice for me =)

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  3. i've smoked weed through beer, then just used my bong as a beer mug all night. i mostly like water and ice but i'm up for anything.
  4. I've never used ice. Does everyone. BTW, what are its positive effects?
  5. Ice can make the smoke more smoother. Not so harsh.

    I just use water in our bong and bucket. I heard of people using milk, but that turns me off a little. Vodka doesn't really excite me either. What a waste of alchole.

    Drinking bong water has to be the GROSEST thing out. YUCK! Smelly, rotton stuff it is. Spill it on the carpet in my house and I'll kick your butt.
  6. Nothing beats a 3 foot full of snow.
    Put a pice of windo screen That plastis kind to keep it from sliping into your mouth. Its soooooo cold and happy.
  7. ha, snow, i'm gonna have to try some snow.
  8. Oh yes. Snow is great. Also, if you have one of the old freezers that have frost buildup, you can scrape the bong on the freezer to fill the chamber with freezer frost. (Then you don't have to go outside and get snow)

    IT doesn't seal off the tube that leads to the bowl, so it's hard to get the chamber cleared. You could put just enough water in it to seal off the tube and fill 'er up with frost. Cools the smoke wonderfully.

    And you can take gigantic hits.

    Vodka, or anything else with alcohol in it, will dissolve the thc out of the smoke. Water does remove some of the water-soluble carcinogens, so the smoke is a little healthier through a bong.

    There are also bongs made with more than one smoke chamber. It bubbles the smoke through 2 or 3 chambers before you get to inhale it. The benefit from this (imo) is that you can put hot water in the first chamber to remove more of the water-soluble carcinogens. Then put cold water or ice in the second and or third chambers. Then you get smoke with fewer carcinogens and it's also cooled off.

    If you haven't passed out from all that sucking. :D
  9. budburner woohoo thanx for the tip on the freezer frost, i am gonna try that ! california doesn't get much snow, and when we do it doesn't stick ;(

    but yeah PUKE on putting anything other than water/ice/snow in a bong. make sure that snow isn't yellow! :)

    and drinking bongwater? will only make you puke imho
  10. I can't believe it. I thought I was the only one left in the world with a freezer that frosts up.


    Even though it's not the main one in the house anymore.
  11. Jumping Jesus Christmus ya,ll Vodka is highly flamible.Nothing can kill a buzz quicker than a lungfull of a blue hot alcohol flame! Use ice and water if you must use a bong and drinking the water is fine with me as long as it is not me drinking it.
  12. Ive smoked out of a bong full of the others said, thc is alcohol soluble, so instead of the bong filtering out the carcinogens and tars and only giving you the thc filled smoke, the thc gets caught up in the alcohol while your busy inhaling buttloads of pointless shit. After using vodka, you have no choice but to drink it, if you wanna get reasonably high. Even though it's a shitty and wasteful way to smoke,the bong water afterwards is actually quite tastes just like Potka..and if youve never had potka, id highly recommend it.

    speaking of things to put in your friend and I a few summers ago had been high as fuck for about two days while his parents were gone, and while in our marijuana stupor we thought it would be cool to fill a bong with strawberry jello. We put the jello in and then let it sit for a few hours in the fridge inside the bong. It never really worked, instead of bubbling like it was supposed to, the whole solid chunk of jello would rise up to the top of the bong as we sucked(and boy did we have to fucking suck hard), and afterwards there was this terribly ugly dark red stain where the jello was, and that doesnt look good against a bright neon green the moral of this story is even if youre really high and your positive that it'll work...DONT USE JELLO IN YOUR BONG
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  13. NuBBin, you're fuckin' hilarious!

    Potka? Jello?


    Gotta try potka.
  14. Now i've done some dumb shit. But JELLO? And you thought it would really work? I wish I could get that high again. LOL
  15. the whole point of putting vodka in a bong is to get potka and to get fucked up off of the potka which is just like eating marijuana it gets you fucked up a lot longer plus the alcohol fucks you up too it's really a good high
  16. I wonder if there is any thc left in the smoke. Probably some.

    Enough to make it a waste to rig up some vacuum pump to do all the puffin'.

    Potka.... how funny!

  17. kinda, but not quite. potka is traditionally made by saving all your stems and shake and all the crappy weak shit in a jar, or some kind of container, then once you have enough(about an eigth up to an ounce depending on how much you make), you add very strong grain alcohol (vodka, or anything 100 proof or 151) and letting it sit for about a week in a dark spot. Then afterwards you strain out the stems and junk and your left with a light green or honey colored drink. Its great for when you dont wanna waste any weed, because normally smoking stems wont do much, but this method extracts every last bit of thc. Take of few shots of that and you should be feeling it.
  18. actually man that's one way you make hash or hash oil if you go ahead and make the liquid evaporate
  19. never...never would I drink "potka"...gross...bad experiences with a type of alchohol makes you never wanna drink it

    I have use everything...lmao

    gatorade and ice...water and ice.....iced tea..<< try it

    anything that I like to drink I will put in there and try at least once..:)
  20. yeah i know, ve tried it gets messy and to make alcohol evaporate that much in a resonable amount of time you have to used heat or flame and it starts to get dangerous

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