Bong Water

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  1. This one time at band camp...I was so thirsty I just drank the bong water. Tilted it upsidedown and just sipped on it...
  2. I'd puke. Thats gnarly, dude.
  3. your hardcore man
  4. ive drank bong water once by accident
    but not on purpose
  5. that is hardcore brother lol

    better you than me :) i'd puke

  6. My dad and his boys are old school smokers from way back. They use to poor wild turkey into an old toke master bong. they would take a hit throught the liquor and then drink it before they would exhale....nasty
  7. when i was in high school i've done bongs with blackberry brandy ...

    FUCKING NASTY !!!! but got high as shit !

    i will say though i won't do that again

  8. I had an old roommate who would make a person drink the bong water if they tipped over the bong--"If you spill it you drink it"...needless to say I've witnessed a few people spew projective bong-water-vomit
  9. lol oh yeah ! thats the way to do it..

    if your careless enough to tip it... drink up pal

    next time don't be a dumbass lol
  10. ^My thoughts exactly...ironically, its always the kid who's had too much to drink already and was gonna puke at some point or another
  11. once filled a bong with brandy and i ended up drinking the liquor (another story). was only a tiny bong so it wasnt a lot but it was nasty
  12. Your so metal.
  13. No one else actually likes the taste? Not even a little? I've drunken it 4 times before and I don't mind it all.
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    Last 4/20 me and a couple friends convinced one of our friends to drink the bong water after going through a half oz in the same piece, peer pressure at it's finest :p. This was the same kid who would pick up clearly cashed bud off the ground, put it in his pipe and try to hit it over and over though, so none of us were suprised nor felt sorry for him for doing it haha.

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