Bong water replacments

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  1. What do you guys use instead of water? I have the ssfg stemline hybrid so I can't put ice in it really but I've tried using iced tea the other day which was pretty good. What do you guys use instead of water?
  2. I don't use anything other than water in my bong, but I love dissolving a shit ton of altoids in my hookah, makes it taste like menthol and cools the back of your throat. Make sure to use the sugar free though so it doesn't get sticky
  3. you should only use water unless you want your bong getting sticky tho if you really want to try some vitamin water if you get the bright pink kind it will taste like bubble gum when smoked through probably not good for you but hay it's something to do when you need to change things up a bit make sure you switch the vitamin water out after a bowl or 2 the water really gets rancid fast
  4. Hm ill try that. I guess I'll stick to wAter does other things not get you as high?
  5. if you have proper bong cleaner like I do (Orange Chronic Cleaner) you can put anything in your bong and it wont get sticky.. I put cream soda in mine all the time for my fiance. :)
  6. Watsup with all these different liquid in a bong threads lately
  7. im sure with suggers and what not in it you would probably get slightly less (tiny tiny amount) because while thc can pass through water no problem its not always the case with other types of liquid

    that just sounds horrible
  8. there are always a few floating around
  9. In my acrylic bong, I usually put some Spearmint flavored mints into the water, and let them dissolve. It gives you a really nice minty hit when you rip the bong. You know that feeling in your lungs of cool mint air you get when you chew a strong mint gum or have a mint in your mouth? Well you get the same thing with this when taking a hit. Smooth cool minty smoke. Probably not the best for you at all, so only do it once and a while. But man is it ever a nice treat
  10. Dihydrogen Monoxide

    I swear that shit works great, I don't worry about the health effects of it - so worth that smooth ass hit.
  11. Oh you're a clever one
  12. Haha good one, had to google, really interesting in what I found hahaha.
  13. I ussaly use ice water . My local head shop sells flavor drops for your bong water never tried it though.
  14. ooooo i want to try those my local head shop stopped selling them before i got a chance to buy some
  15. I would not mind trying it but I not sure if they have much flavor?
  16. Protip: If it doesn't taste good in a bong, you should probably find better weed -not bong water.
  17. Sometimes it's just fun to add flavor, just like flavored blunt wraps
  18. Using snow is kinda fun.

    Never used any other liquid besides water though.
  19. I see what u dis
  20. Couldn't you put a few mint leaves, or even essential oil in the water and get essentially the same effect as dissolving altoids or the like in the water?

    I'd never use anything other than water though, I like the taste of my bud :)

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