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Discussion in 'General' started by celicaracer05, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. i went to my local head shop today and saw this top i could put on my 2" bong and it had a glass dealie with three + hoses connected, that turned my bong into a hookah, im wondering what this may be called... im looking for the one with the rubber gromet, seeing mine isnt glass on glass...

    thank you
  2. you have a 2 inch bong?
  3. Just so you know, it's not a *real* hookah, just a multiple person bong.

    Most hookahs use coals to burn hash.

    Sounds like a need idea, i've never heard of it.

    Why don't you just ask the clerk at the headshop?
  4. At first i thought this thread was "bowl topper" and i got excited, thinking that someone had created a nifty gadget that would sit on top of bowls (like bong bowls, not pipe bowls...i know those types of bowls with lids already exist) and prevent them from letting smoke into the air. That'd be pretty sweet...i'm sick of using quarters and just random crap that's on my desk to trap the smoke!
  5. yeah for sure buy that, it's a lot better to chill w/
  6. sounds intreastin .. its its under 30$ id def pick one up or if its like extreemly nice id go 50..

    and delewheare? u should make that shit id fuckin buy it in a heartbeat.. have it fit perfectly over the bowl w/ a tight seal so nothing at all can escape .. cause a quater sucks stills goes under it its not fit perfect on half bowls i used
  7. mine came with it too but only one tube. i believe they do that so they can say its a hookah. i just tossed it man, no real use, i'd rather use my mouth to the bong openeing
  8. well i know what a hookah is, maybe its like for sharing a bong... i even have a hookah, it was like a top peice that goes on my 2" diameter shaft of my bong, so 2+ people can share at the same time, so no air gets lost... seeing im buying a new slide soon, i might find one of these too... my head shops are hella expensive compared to online, so i wanted to find the name here so i could buy one online instead

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