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Bong too small?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Untouchable 50, May 10, 2010.

  1. Basicly, I'm looking to get a bong that will get me ripped in a hit. I'm looking at a 16 in g-spot, is that a good height? What is the cut-off height that you would not buy a bong that doesn't get you ripped, hope it makes sense, thanks!
  2. Depends how big you rip, and how much you want to spend. Personally, get a nice big bowl, on a 16 In. G-Spot, nice diffuser, get a nice perc on it. and toke up, its all opinion.
  3. well the height i dont think matters its just how big of a hit u take so if u get a good small or decent size bong with cool water it would cool the smoke so its smoother and ur able to take a bigger hit with out burning your throat or mouth so i think a smaller bong would be better so your not jsut inhaling air to get the bong filled so gettin ripped in one hit just depends on how much actual smoke you inhale into your lungs and how long u hold it in
  4. want it to be big enough so I don't get harsh smoke, I wanna get the cool smoke, and I take just as big as hits as anyone else. The last bong I toked from got me high as hell off 1 or 2 rips
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    I don't think size really matters, but the bud you put in it does :smoking:

    Sure, the bigger the bong, the more smoke you will inhale, but either way if I have some dank I don't care what size bong I am smoking out of even though I do have a 22 inch PURE glass bong that rips very well
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    You need something with a foot long tube at least. I have one that is about eight inches total which makes the tube about five inches. Ones this small tend to give weak hits that can rarely be considered rips. I suggest a taller bong if you want to be satisfied.

    And the quality of the glass does not mean anything. A bigger bong won't get you higher but it does mean the possibility for more smoke per hit.
  7. also try an ice bong so u can get a really cool hit but the other guy is right the weed matters most :rolleyes:
  8. other guy haha. too bad im a chick
  9. i meant guy as in person :p
  10. ok, i forgive you :p
  11. As a general rule, never get a bong taller then 18".

    Personally I prefer something short around 14-16"
  12. Why do you say never get a bong bigger than 18 inches?
  13. A lot of(notice I didn't say all) quality glass can be hard to find in a tube taller then 18".
    A bigger bong won't get you higher, contrary to what OP believes.

    A taller bong can be less stable, more difficult to clean, more difficult to store, and more difficult to clear(we call this drag).
  14. ^ I understand what you mean. I'd rather by a 10 inch RooR bong than, let's say,a 24 inch of some no name cheap glass.

    But about the cleaning situation- I have 22" straight tube that's way easier to clean than the previous 15" rounded bottom bong I owned.
  15. Well when you have a 22" straight, 22" beaker, 15" straight and 15" beaker THEN you can compare. I thought we were talking about size not shape.

    Maybe I want to say bubble not beaker.. ? You tell me

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