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Bong snap or a full bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RVD420RVD, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. What gets your higher in your opinion, some bong snaps or a bowl out of a pipe?
  2. Use whatever you prefer but if you solar hit the bowl or bong you will get more stoned since your slightly vaporizing some of the herb.
  3. i think it's all the same.. i can get pretty baked smoking a bowl or doing snaps out of the bong.
  4. you can get as stoned as you want with either so it all depends how many bowls/snaps you decide to do. i like snaps though, just a preference
  5. I don't think one will get you higher than the other. I usually prefer loading a full bowl though.
  6. Snaps, more efficient out of my bong
  7. snaps, with a full bowl you can lose weed if it's still burning

    I always cover my bowls after but when your smokin with someone you cant trust em to do that always. So I prefer snaps for when I smoke with other people, also you can control how much weed they get lol
  8. Bowls of course with the homies but snaps by myself
  9. Bowls with friends as snaps are way too inconvenient. When I'm by myself, I usually pack bowls that I can finish in 2 or 3 hits.. so not really snaps but not full bowls.
  10. I always thought snap was a smaller amount of weed, and bowl a full bowl of weed
    both in a bong
    my high ass :smoking:
  11. I prefer loading the whole bong up and ripping it
  12. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of snaps. Packing a nice bowl that's not too loose but not too tight and getting a few hits off it is... simply put... the bee's knees.
  13. I prefer snaps.

    Either way, though, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. :D
  14. Never owned a bong myself... so can't make a good comparison.

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