bong slide stuck in gong help

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  1. my gong slide and stem got fused with the glass how could i get this out with out it breaking
  2. how did it get fused to the bong?
  3. your fucked man thats how i broke my illadelph a/c. Look up ways to loosen the joint in the search bar.
  4. Yeah how do you fuse glass to glass without using massive amounts of heat
  5. Try letting it dry out as much as possible and then gently and slowly try to twist the slide out of the joint.
  6. I'm not sure, but it may have to do with temperature differences, i.e. the slide was cool, the diffuser warm, and as the two equilibrated, they stuck (the slide expanded and the diffuser shrunk). I know this type of connection is sometimes used with metals to create essentially permanent bonds.

    You might try cooling the slide and or heating the diffuser. The tricky part is that you must heat/ cool the one relative to the other.
  7. Use a torch.

    Not a joke!
  8. soak in a glass cleaning solution like in a tube and hope it comes loose after soaking for awhile.

    Also, when I put my bong together, I slide the parts down onto each other.
  9. butter it up
  10. forgot to add, make sure the pieces aren't wet when you stick them together. I know it sounds weird but the slides stick when they are wet.
  11. exactly. mine does the same, i hate when i have friends over smoking out of it and they let it jam then just try and yank it out. pisses me off.

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