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  1. ok im not new to gong or glass. but i am new to pre-coolers. so i was wondering if this set up is any good. i know not to many people out there like ws* but im going to give them a try. now my question is is this a good perc for this bong

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  2. i'd just save up and spend a little more cash on something nicer, you won't regret it.
  3. if u like how it would sit together, then go for it!
    trust me on that,,,if ur happy with something,,, thats the greatest feeling ever.
    they were designed with eachother in mind, which i feel every W*S is
    ithat inline is made with holes,,others are designed with slits
    the slits cut the bubbles, and the holes pop the bubbles thru,, which is why u would get a lil chug with it. as opposed to a less turbulant slit design.
    hopefully i spread some insight to you.
    good luck!

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