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bong questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mess14951, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. ok, im gonna be getting a bong here in the next few days, first one (hooray:D) and i was just wondering about some stuff.

    first of all, is how big it is really all that important, i mean i don't have a lot of room to hide it (yes i have to hide it) but only from my mom. and i want to be able to stick it in a backpack or messenger bag and take it out and about to my various friends houses. I'm worried about it breaking so what do you guys think about for material, acrylic? bamboo? or is soft glass strong enough, cause i really really don't want it to break...

    also, I'm kinda poor, not really, but i want to get one for pretty cheap, and i know you can but if theres anything i should look out for then let me know.

    now of course, glass is supposted to be like the best thing for taste and quality, but why is it so great, wouldnt acrylic be able to deliver the same quality, or bamboo (well bamboo would be diffrerent i supose...)

    then ice bongs, what about them?
    and multi chamber, dual chamber specifically...

    just want education...
  2. ive already read that, i just want to know more in depth...
  3. How big it is doesn't matter, except that the larger the chamber = larger hits = more blazed. But this of course doesn't mean you can't take huge rips out of a 10 incher. Also, obviously the larger--the better chance of breaking. If you're gonna be transporting a lot, get a good bag.

    As far as taste and quality glass is the best because it imparts no flavor on your smoke. When you toke from acrylic, shit absorbs into the material and you can never clean it 100%. This can affect your flavor, but you won't break it.
  4. get a roor
    they pack a punch
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    since you want to transport it a lot, i would suggest a smaller bong, unless you have a large bag to transport it...i doubt anything larger than 1ft would fit in a messenger bag. i recommend getting a beaker or round bottom bong because that'll makeup for the short tube and allow slightly fatter rips.

    [edit]: since this is your first bong, don't worry much about the brand, unless you find a good deal. roors and illadelphs will probably be out of your price range, and since this is your first bong you'll likely want a "better" one in the future. from my experience, i first bought a little 1ft straight tube, and it was too small for my liking, my 2nd is a 2ft beaker. I wasn't able to clear the full tube at first, and I worked my way next bong will be a 20" beaker cause i think that'll be just right for everyday smokin
  6. i just picked up a custom blown 14'' bong. just check out ya local headshop; theyll give u a great deal, and theyll help u out with any questions
  7. sorry for the off topic, and no responce to the OP due to lack of bong ownage/experience......

    but even though I'm sober, your sig really fucked with me, I couldn't stop staring at it!
  8. I would get a glass mini bong(6-8inches). I bought one recently and it's awesome. Smoke fills the chamber quick, you can still take a huge hit, and it doesn't require much lung power or volume to hit. It's very easy to hide as well.
  9. whats up with bamboo? is it any good?
  10. If u gotta hide it and shit get a bubbler they are the same thing exept like a spoon pipe ez to hide
  11. BO5.jpg

    This is your answer. I got one very similar to it for $25 and it's invincible. you can jam ice down in the bottom and not have to worry about breaking anything. it's obviously not as nice as glass but I love my little bong
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    Well glass is the way to go... Cleaner pull etc. Plus they look better :) I find a larger bong easier to smoke, more room for the smoke to travel before it hits your throat so it's not as harsh.

    Don't worry about breaking it... Just wrap it in a tea towel and put it in your bag and it will be fine.

    Oh, and clean it reguarly so it doesn't get dirty, that will make your sessions less enjoyable if it is.

    Apart from that just learn from experience :)

    Happy toking :bongin:

  13. I'm sorry, but the larger your lung capacity, the larger your hits. the bong size has nothing to do with it, although it CAN make it easier, and the size will affect how it hits. a medium bong is usually better.

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