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  1. Today I went to my local head shop which is a decently long train ride from where I live and I bought a bong but when I got home I dropped the downstem sending a pic to a friend of mine and it broke a little. I know I have to get a new downstem but my question is can i use the broken one until I take another trip (which will probably be tomorrow morning)?

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  2. Looks usable to me. If it breaks on the end it doesn't matter really because it's still make the water bubble...right?
  3. As long as the broken bit can still be submerged in the water in your bong, you should be okay. Just be careful not to use water that is too hot when cleaning it because the glass is less stable from being broken and might break further. Also; don't cut yourself by accident either!

    Congratulations on the new piece! :D
  4. you can still use that

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