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  1. heres the case if i buy a straight tube bong with a perc and with a ice catcher above the perc will the perc stop the bottom from over flowing with water from the melted ice?

    again will the perc stop the bottom chamber from over flowing from the melted ice?
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    help me
  3. help with this question
  4. I have never seen one in person but from looking at pictures I would guess that it would

    stop it from over flowing the bottom part but I could be completely wrong.
  5. Yes, the water will just collect in the perc, but then your perc water level will be too high, which is harder to fix than the bottom water. Basically melting ice is gonna screw up the water regardless, which is why I hardly use it.
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  7. Yeah instead of the bottom filling up with melting ice water, the perc will. I like using ice but fixing the water level is a bitch.

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