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  1. I'm looking to get my first bong but I'm totally new to the whole thing. How much should I expect to pay?
  2. 50-1000+

    you need to be more percise...they range from free gavity bongs to expensive custom blown glass with attachments etc...
  3. That depends. A nice, well made, glass on glass tube will run you about 200 or so.
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    Shit! i was about to say the same numbers as the guy above me. hah
    Say 50-100 for your first bong(glass of course, no metal parts) you could get something under 5mm, 1-2 feet tall with a rubber grommet and glass slide.
    Glass on glass(or GonG) is the best, because the glass forms a perfect airtight seal, giving a better hit and no rubber taste. GonG is more expensive, but there are affordable gong alternatives(if you will) online, such as Ehle tubes
  5. Like I said, I'm completely new to this. So I don't even know what a free gravity bong is, etc. So I can't really be precise.
  6. For glass, there are two main types of bongs that are most common.
    A rubber grommet, which uses rubber and orings to form a seal, which is not completly airtight but still works fine.
    Glass on glass is superior due to the seal and quality, most high quality brand names only deal with gong. Ill look for pictures as an example for both

    fyi a gravity or a waterfall bong does not actually use water filtartion, it uses the water as a suction to fill the smoke chamber.
  7. when i said a free gravity bong i ment you make it yourself so it would cost nothing but honestly how much money do you have? i bought my first bong ever a few months ago and dished out 320 bucks. its all what you want to spend your money on, but from experiance, like they say..."you get what you pay for" it is true, do not get anyhting with rubber, get glass on glass. EHLE, ILLEDELPH (sp?), PH(X), are really good ones, but a good bong would start at about 200 dollars.
  8. You can find some gong for under 200, but yes you get what you pay for and i would say 200 is average for something of good quality. Look around local shops a couple times, dont buy, just browse around and ask about prices on certain things you like.
    Ehle is very cheap though, and still pretty good quality, top of the line brands like Roor, Illadelph, Sg, Toro, ect are gonna be way up there in terms of price, at least a few hundred for a basic setup.
  9. Thanks guys!
  10. definately look at some molinos at the gc shop. im gettin one next month :)
  11. a price range would be great if you wanted some pictures of possible bongs that you could purchase. how much are you looking to spend if you don't mind me asking?
  12. I recommend otherwise.. not a big fan of Molino tubes.

    The lowest you'll find on a good quality, standard volume tube is going to be in the $100 range. If you want thicker glass, longer tube, worked sections, perc's, etc., obviously the price is going to go up. A standard 5mm tube can be had for around $175-200.

    Of course, you can get cheaper lower-quality glass or acrylic if you want to spend even less. If you have a price range, I'm sure some people can better point you in the right direction.

    You have to clean and and take care of it and if some one rips you off on price you wouldnt even know it. So here is my a pipe or bubbler because bongs require a lot of cleaning, time and care. If you do not know much about it I understand but just do go blowing off $150 like this without actually taking the time to learn the difference between good and bad bongs and personal perference. also do not go cheap and buy a arclyic bong for $30 r so bucks (idk price cuz I never bothered) these might be a decent first bong but my first bong was a Glass on Glass bong. Heres a link

    thats my first piece a small bubbler and the one bottom of it was/is my first bong. Refer to bongs as water pipes in stores and smoke shops because bongs refer to mj use and they will be likely to kick you out
  14. All glass gets resinous and dirty after a lot of use and no cleaning. All of your glass, not just your tubes, needs to be cleaned...and when it's so easy, theres nothing to complain about.
  15. Well I have about $300. So anything in that range.
  16. Buy yourself a 9mm US Tube and don't look back.
  17. Price tag on that? Also, photo?
  18. Get this quality tube for 200 + 30 dollars shipping then get a carbon filter and a nice bowl for her with the rest so
    230 = Bong
    20 = Carbon Filter
    40 = Bowl
    10 = Bag
    300 :)

  19. id say no to syn, just get a reg bong that has notchs for the ice, and maybe a splash guard, bfor ur first bong u dont need a double perc. think about maintnance and cleanign the will

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