bong...or joint?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hallucinogen, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. Which is better, which has a better high? tell me what ya think
  2. both are my fav.

    but you want to get fucked up.

    toke a couple bt's...then smoke a joint. :D instant gratification. guaranteed.
  3. Uh, sorry but i new to this, and not a pot head...i am just trying to collect info before i try is a bt?

    and also, what is a "bowl"?
  4. hehe rookie....

    haha its kool. bt = bong toke. umm and bowl i cant think of a definition for that.
  5. yea man, welcome to tha club. Haha, aight check this. Smoke with friends, ppl u can trust, aight, cuz its always good to have someone there to make sure u don't freak out or anything. Also, smoke from a bowl at first, its probably better that way since u can decide when to toke. Don't hit to hard, hit untill u begin to cough a lil, then hold it and do it slowly. I dunno wha else to say. Oh yea, NO FOIL!!!!
  6. No foil? and i can finally try it next friday...hehe
  7. aluminum foil is satans invention to try and kill potheads
  8. Alright, here's something I don't get about you xplicitcontent. You won't smoke out of foil, (good move BTW), but you'll take massive amounts of Coricidin. Well, relatively massive anyway. I don't get that you won't harm yourself one way, but you'll take an absolutely horrendous risk another.

    Not a flame, nothing personal. Just something I don't get.
  9. the bong gets me the most high. Although it is very unpleasant when you cough up a huge bongrip. Joints or bowls are much easier to start with
  10. Bong, no doubt. A joint is so wasteful. You burn up what you should be smoking just while passing.
  11. for me the social aspect of a joint is best, the passing (as long as biff etiquette is followed!), and gradual intake.
    Plus I quite the whole rolling process, the struggle for perfection, the inevitable trade off between aesthetics and smoking quality.

  12. lmao! think i have to agree there.

    only use aluminum if you absolutely have nothing else and you have been feening for a month. then i'll accept the fact that you've used aluminum to blaze it.
  13. Joints are nice for out in the public (or woods, and at home) but if you got the privacy to keep and smoke a bong around your house then thats the way to go. (I just cleaned and smoked outta my double chambered bong massive hits. but joints and blunts are awesome too.
  14. Ever hear the sublime song Smkoe 2 Joints? It's the story of my life.

    "I smoke 2 joints in the morning, I smoke 2 joints at night.
    I smoke 2 joints in the aftornoon, it makes me feel alright.
    I smoke 2 joints, in time of peace, and 2 in time of war.
    I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints, and then i smoke 2 more."

    I'd better include that in my sig.

  15. i understand, but weed costs me money and foil jus ruins the weed. think bout it, would u put 89 octane gas in a ferrari. As for harming myself, its no prob, jus I don't like it when it ruins my smoke. And for the coricidin, I've been coricidin free for a couple weeks and don't plan on doin that for a while. Jus gonna use my money for bud since I got the hookup again.

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