Bong or bubbler?

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  1. I have about 150$

    I need some recommendations, a high quality bubb? or a medium quality bong?

    Post up

    thanks :hello:
  2. oh and i cant smoke, so i have to hide from my parents, bubbs are easier, but a bong is nbd
  3. Seriously I would not waste your cash on a piece if it can be potentially found by a nosy mom and tossed out. Not to mention tha ass whoopin' you will recieve from your alcoholic dad.

  4. I go bong all the way. I'm a bong man.
  5. I have to hide my shit too man, can't wait to get my own place, but i would not recommend a bong. I have a small Sherlock bubbler and it works better than my friends bong IMO. but that's just mt two cents. Good luck man stay safe.
  6. for your situation it does not seem worthwhile to buy any glass at all but if you feel you absolutely must get a small dry spoon, if you ever have to hide everything spilled used bong/bubbler water is a DEAD giveaway.

  7. Your not going to find a high quality bubbler for 150.

    But you can find a medium quality bubbler for 100.

    And a high quality bong for 100.
  8. You can find a pretty nice bubbler on BM for about that price.

  9. BM?

    What's that
  10. boromarket

    But it's a secret place that you have to pay $50 to even look at

  11. really :rolleyes:
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    You think I'm joking

    \/\/\/\/ lolololol

  13. damn, you were serious, just registered

    50 bucks? wtf

    can anyone hook me up with an invite?
  14. When it comes to asking for invites, people get really snobby here.

  15. i see, im not gonna pay 50$ just to be able to view this shit though, if i only am gonna want to pick up 1 piece every 6 months. Cmon

    But does anybody have anything to recommend me?

    Nice bubbler/bong/bong+ashcatcher for around $150?

  16. GC isn't just a forum FYI. Check out the store after all you are using these forums for free!

  17. Oh yea lol!

    I know that, thats where i got my last bong (the nautilus) but then it got stolen :(

    Only way i found out about that bad boy was asking around on the forums ya kno :cool:

    main reason i was asking for other sites was because the bubbs on here arent that impressive
  18. get a bong.
  19. I got that, now im just looking for some recommendations lol

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