Bong Newbie...

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  1. Bong newbie here... a little embarrassing but oh well :RoorRip:

    first time trying a bong, the first hit went well, but the second burned my throat badddd... too big of a hit? or possibly not enough water? Second time trying, I had two great hits- no burning or coughing. But my final hit, I burnt my throat again. Any advice or is this just a learning process?
  2. your throat is like a virgin, first few times is gonna hurt :oops:. theres no such thing as too big of a hit, i guess, i dont think you will die but just be careful lol. dont go ripping a half gram yet you will be dieded.
  3. haha ok thanks and don't worry I'm not that ballsy quite yet haha. going to take some breaking in- thank you!
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