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**Bong Innovation** CalP's SPIRAL Inline Percolator

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by calp, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Introducing a new innovation to the Modern Inline Percolation System

    This bong would increase the amount of diffusion compared to a regular inline ashcatcher astronomically.

    I drew up a quick picture in paint to illustrate the general concept.

    With as many holes as you'd like the spiral percolator could be the newest innovation into the inline line of percolators.

    Trikky... Maybe when you get good enough at blowin glass you could custom make one of these for me :D
    Check it out

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  2. I wish I could draw in paint better haha.. but I hope you guys can get the general concept through this drawing...

    You would only have the water level to the spiral perced section.. Just enough to cover the holes.. Creating little to NO drag what so ever and having a massive amount of filtration.
  3. Unfortunatly, I don't think it would make it all through the coil.
  4. That's definetly a possibility... Maybe smaller holes towards the top and larger ones further down?

    But people might say the same about Jp Toro's 35 arm tree percs or w/e he has...
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    Combinded with an incline from the first hole, it should work. Basically just have the coil move up slightly as it goes along, so gravity can help out with some of that.

    Honestly there's probably 1000s different percolation possibility's, it's nice to seem more come out of people's heads.
  6. Definetly a good idea...
    If it were actually put into production I'm sure it would have to be tweaked...

    but the general idea behind it would allow a LOT of filtration...
  7. #7 CjX, Feb 18, 2009
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    Here's one I was thinking about the other day. The picture won't fully describe it so I'll explain it.

    Basically, there will be a cone with holes all over it from mid level up. There is a second (hollow) cone in the middle that is designed to fill up space the higher it goes, actually forcing some bubbles out without actually drawing them through the whole. The bottom is where the smoke comes in, then goes right into the bottom of the middle cone. Then it separates going up different sides of the cone. < Something can be put in it to route the smoke off to the side.
    There is supposed to be holes all around the outter cone, but I didn't want to draw over the middle cone, since that one is just like a block.

    Basically the whole idea is to draw in smoke with pressure, but let gravity and pressure force those bubbles out. This would ultimately mean, not only is it a very percolated hit, but it should be less hard on you since the perc actually does half of the work.
  8. Thanks :)
  9. hashbean's home made for the tokecity contest is actually SLIGHTLY similar to mine... but it's more of a plain inline

    [ame=""]YouTube - draw a pipe contest[/ame]

  10. How would the cone go down each time?
    Still a bit confused by this concept
  11. #11 CjX, Feb 18, 2009
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    Every part of the percolator is stationary. One cone is completely hollow with holes all over it, but mostly torwards the top. The second cone is hollow, but doesn't open up anywhere, it's just supposed to be a block that is shaped at a fatter angle then the other cone, causing the top part inside the first cone to be smaller than it is torwards the bottom.

    Basically, as you draw in, you put more pressure inside the cone which will actually diffuse naturally to equalize the pressure. Without you actually having to completely draw the smoke through in perc.

    And I forgot to put that the wholes surrounding the outter cone should be similar to that on Ph(x) diffused downstems. They use this type of hole that actually won't allow water out, just pressurized air(smoke whatever). This design will prevent the diffusion of smoke without completely preassurizing the whole perc. < This would prevent the natural diffusion occurred when pressure has built up inside the cone, allowing all the holes to be used at each draw.
  12. Alright I think I'm startin to get it... Damn that's complicated haha :)

    Would be awesome to see it in action!
  13. #13 CjX, Feb 18, 2009
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    yeah too bad I can't draw

    Honestly, the spiral perc doesn't sound bad at all, aslong as you can prevent just some of the holes activating without the rest doing so.

    I think that's the major problem when creating a working perc design. That and drag.
  14. LMAO I was going to put up HB's video but u already got it up

    Yeah, sounds like a good idea u just have to keep the perc flat

  15. His is basically just a longer inline... It's nothing compared with the diffusion possible with a spiral or even circular percolator.

    I might try to make one similar to his but iwth a full spiral instead...

    I just wish I could blow this right now hahahaha

    I'm seriously thinking about getting this custom blown......
  16. you really think itll go ALL THE WAY thru the tube? you better get that shit perfect
  17. That's what I'm not positive about...
    Even if it didn't go ALL the way through it would still create more diffusion than any other inline...

    I'm guessing beyond 10 holes it would stop.. but I have no real way of knowing...

    It's just like how even the best diffusers don't use all of their holes...

    What you would have to do is have the water level be EXACTLY halfway up the tubing.. So that the smoke could travel easily though the tube while having to push through water when the whole section of tubing is filled up
  18. my friend thought of this a few weeks ago and drew something similar up. he would make it but hes lacking supplies and moulah at the moment. but yea, it does look like real good design. if i make one ill definatly post pics.
  19. Ya def. let me know!
  20. you should just make a homade bong. Use a 2 liter and some pvc piping or something and just make that exact design. I know it wont be perfect, nor as good as glass, but at least it will give you an idea of whether or not it will work.

    Oh yeah, you should do this sometime in the next 2 wks and post your results, because if it works I might just steal your idea and have Kind Creations blow a custom one when i get my taxes back sometime before the end of the month!

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